Pharmaceutical preparations for health and strengthening of hair

Pharmaceutical preparations for hair If you are treated, you go to the pharmacy, and if you want to look beautiful, visit the cosmetics store. And meanwhile, in pharmacies you can find many useful substances, especially for accelerating the growth of hair. But, since drugs created by pharmacists are much stronger than shampoos and balms from a store or supermarket, it is often difficult to choose what to buy. In order not to be mistaken, you can visit a trichologist - a specialist who will tell in detail what exactly your body needs.

Pharmaceutical preparations with vitamins for hair

Hair do not rush to grow? Most likely, it is not the "evil eye" or "heavy" hand of the master that is to blame, but the wrong diet, because of which your body is deficient in vitamins (A, H, F), as well as fatty acids. What do you need?

Capsules Aevit. Break a couple of capsules in a home mask based on oils (preferably with dimexid, which will be discussed below, and lemon juice). This tool will well strengthen each hair.

Repevit. Complex "delicacy" for hair, consisting of ethers (cedar, tea tree, eucalyptus), extracts of herbs (growing on our fields and meadows), red pepper, butter (burdock and castor oil), vitamins. How to use: rub in the skin under the hair. The result: treatment of loss, "concreting" of each root, good hair growth, elasticity of each strand, brilliant appearance.

Capsules of vitamins A, B, E: acetate retinol, tocopherol, that is, oily solutions. They should be dripped in castor oil or burdock oil, and this mask applied to the skin under the hair. You will be very pleasantly surprised!

Ampoules of nicotinic acid (or vitamin B3) . They are designed for injections, but for hair they are not used for their intended purpose, but in the form of rubbing into the scalp. Such procedures are worth spending every day. The result: warming up the skin, increasing hair growth.

Tablets of biotin (or vitamin B7, another name - vitamin H). This remedy is not only good for hair, but for your whole body. The course of tablets will "encourage" your internal organs, as well as nails, skin, and of course, every hair. By the way, it is concrete for a head it is possible to buy a ready mask (they are on sale in the same place, in a drugstore).

D-Panthenol (artificial provitamin B5: gel, capsules or spray). The gel heals the bulbs (it needs to be rubbed into the head), the spray takes care of the strands to the very tips. Result: treatment of "pronelevshih" ringlets and loss, rapid growth, shine.

Pharmaceutical means for strengthening hair bulbs

Sometimes the growing hair "slows down," because blood vessels are slowed near the onions, that is, in the language of logistics, the body is rich in vitamins and minerals, but there are interruptions with "supplies" of nutrients "on site". So, to spit to the waist, you need to stimulate blood flow, using more effective pharmacy products for hair.

Dimexide. This is a real "alarm clock" for the hair; In addition, it helps natural substances in larger quantities to penetrate to their destination. It is not surprising that this remedy can be seen so often in the recipe of home hair masks.

Minoxidil. The newest remedy against baldness. This applies to women (who lose hairs along the parting), and men (whose hair often begins to fall from the top of the head). This is not a magic wand, so if the doctor says that baldness has reached the sixth degree, you should not buy it. In other cases, this tool will help. True, you need to be patient - the first results will be visible after 3 or even 7 months. How to use it? The product is applied daily to the skin under the hair, in the morning and in the evening.

Silocast solution. This drug, as well as the drugs, has specific indications, namely: a long medication (as we know, they weaken the body as a whole and hair in particular), stress or contact with chemicals, because of which hair began to fall out, fatty seborrhea. Substances of this agent (chloromethylsilatran and dimethylsulfoxide) are able to penetrate deep into the skin, treating hair follicles at the deepest levels.

Gel Solcoseryl. The drug is not for vegetarians - it is made from the hood of calf blood. But he not only stimulates the hair, but also quickly brings them back to life. Lysete? Mix this remedy with the vitamin complexes mentioned above.

Actovegin (it happens in solutions for injections, tubes, creams, ointments and gel - your option is ampoules). In composition, it is similar to the previous agent, only without protein. The drug is rubbed into the roots of the hair. The result: the hair absorbs useful substances, the blood in the scalp "works" faster.

Biostimulating drugs for hair growth

Balsam Esvitsin. How to use? Three times in 7 days, lubricate with the drug the roots of hair, plus drink a tablespoon of elixir in the morning, on an empty stomach. The result: treatment of alopecia, dandruff, rapid hair growth.

Essentiale (ampoules and capsules). Yes, this is the very means for the liver from advertising. The composition of the funds will have to "taste" and your hair. Essentiale fixes every hair in the scalp, improves the nutrition of the roots, the hair is smoothed out, becomes stronger and stronger at times.

Rinfolt (shampoo, lotion, ampoules). The composition of this remedy is very interesting. It contains: an extract of berries of a dwarf palm (an extremely effective remedy that saves hairs from falling out), peppermint, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, Chinese camellia and nasturtium. In a word, all the best that nature has created around the world has been collected here. The drug cleans the skin of poisonous bulbs of toxins - it is due to this that each hair and strengthens in its rightful place.

Mummy tablets. They are bought in order to make masks or solutions for their "manes." This exclusive ingredient adjusts the level of hair necessary for a healthy length of minerals in the scalp, accelerates the flow of blood around the onion bulb, treats inflammation, completely "erases" the manifestations of dandruff.

Extracts of plants guard your beauty

The course of two tinctures - ginseng and eleutherococcus: 2 weeks tincture rubbed into the roots (one day you need to apply the first, the second day - the second). Result: hair loss stops.

Red capsicum (tincture). The skin is applied in its pure form, or after mixing with castor oil, after which the head is warmed (packet + woolen hat). Result: rapid growth, delayed loss.

Dried herbs (primarily burdock, chamomile, hop cones and sage). Of these, make homemade shampoos, masks, as well as rinsing for the "mane."

Pharmaceutical preparations against dandruff

Tar for hair (tar soap and shampoo, birch tar). These are excellent agents that relieve local inflammation and kill harmful microorganisms, causing you visible and tangible discomfort.

Sulsen (paste) . This is your option, if the root of your evils is the fungus of the head. How to use: "put" paste points on the entire skin under just washed hair once a week. The course is long: 3 months. The result: the volume, softness of each strand, radiance, rapid growth.

Clay is a good solution for oily hair. She will renew hair after sun and salt, remove excess sebum, and with it dandruff, and create a magnificent volume.

Medicines for "restoration" of hair

Keratin (an oil-based spray or suspension). This tool is already suitable for vegetarians - but not for vegans. The fact is that keratin is nothing more than a natural protein produced from sheep's wool. This means creates a protective "coat" around each hair, restoring it. This drug like to pour into home hair masks.

Collagen. Means rich in this substance are needed if your skin or hair lacks its own collagen. In this case, each hair is pricked with exfoliated scales ... Collagen solves this problem.

Hyaluronic acid (mask, powder, spray). Do not let the moisture out of the strands, while "pulling" in each hair useful substances. He treats dandruff, makes hair smoother.

Glycerol. This remedy can not be used in its pure form. It can be poured into purchased cosmetics (in a mask or shampoo), it heals the hair and helps them to comb well and not to get confused. In home cosmetology, this ingredient is usually combined with honey, jojoba oil, aloe juice.

Lanolin. This is a natural wax, but it is not extracted from the hive, but from sheep's wool. This tool is also added to the mask, and at a time it is worth using no more than 1 spoon (tea). This is your tool if you are a fan of hairdrier, curling, dyeing, permanent waving.

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