Masks for highlights

Mering is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also dangerous for the hair. Of course, because every month you attack them with "chemistry", which weakens every hair ... And this is the most noticeable part of your head of hair!

Do not forget about competent care for colored or highlighted strands, because in our days only healthy hair can be called beautiful!

Since melirovanie makes the curls overdried and brittle, the masks for the hair must be restored every hair, moisten it, smooth it. But do not forget: the ingredients of the mask should not be dyeing, otherwise the effect of dyeing the hair will be reduced to none.

What to look for in the refrigerator and stores?

Nourishing and moisturizing components of masks for hair streaks of hair will serve: kefir, mayonnaise, beer, eggs, oils (almond, olive, peach, coconut), glycerin. To restore and smooth each hair, use: panthenol, keratin, collagen, gelatin lamination and silk wraps.

Oil mask: nourishes, smoothes, imparts shine and obedience. Mix burdock, olive and almond oil (ratio 1: 1: 1). Preheat on a water bath so that the mask is pleasant to apply to the skin. Treat with this oil composition hair, hide them under the bag or shower cap. Hold the mask for an hour, then remove it with shampoo (soap your hair more than once, and 2-3 times).