Oat hair masks

Everyone knows that oatmeal is very useful (and in vain the cynical Sir Henry did not like her). Particularly interesting is the effect of oat flakes on the hair. If you regularly make masks from oatmeal for hair (not from yesterday's porridge, but from ground cereal), you will be surprised. Each strand will become stronger, heal, quickly grow back.

And the recipe for such a homemade make-up is cheap-you only need flakes and a blender (well, or ready-made oatmeal-it's easy to find in most supermarkets), plus a couple of ingredients from the refrigerator.

Useful properties of masks with oatmeal for hair

The "scope" of oat masks for hair is quite wide. They:

- actively nourish the hair and skin under them,

- cleanse the skin of dead cells, so that it opens for better access to oxygen, and even absorbs vitamins from the mask more actively,

- save the tender skin from inflammation,

- tone the skin and hair,

- improve the color of the hair, even if they are colored, give the curls of radiance,

- Renew brittle hair, "glue" the problem points,

- moisturize every strand,

- if the hair is greasy, the masks do not allow them to get dirty too often.

Oatmeal masks for hair: the best recipes

Basic, but very popular . Handful or two flakes chop with a blender (the device with a bowl is better suited, but you can experiment with a submersible model, as well as a grinder or a mill for spices). Pour the water into the flour to make it not too liquid "porridge". Give the mask to stand up (the flour will absorb water and swell a little). Apply it to your hair for half an hour.

Oatmeal mask for oily hair . You need to grind the flour, dilute it with water, allow it to swell, then pour 1 teaspoon of ordinary kitchen soda into the mask. Such a composition perfectly cleanses even the most problematic hair.

Oatmeal mask for hair with a sour milk. Dissolve the flour not with water, but with buttermilk, kefir, yogurt. Sour-milk products are ideal for any type of hair, they are rich in protein and trace elements. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair for 1 hour.

Oily and vitamin . Dilute the oatmeal with milk. When the mass swells, drip some oil (almond oil is best), add 2-3 drops of oil vitamins A, B, E. Keep the mask on the hair under the bag and towel, from 15 to 30 minutes. The mask is washed with a shampoo.

Oatmeal mask with honey against dandruff, inflammation and other scalp problems. Prepare a water bath, heat 2 tablespoons of natural honey, pour 2 spoons of flour from oat flakes. After 15 minutes, drop an orange over here (maximum 3 drops). Apply to the skin under the hair. Keep at least an hour, and then wash your hair.

Mask with an egg to feed the curls , against dandruff, disobedience, "straw" hair. Prepare flour, measure 2 tablespoons (with a large pea, if you have long hair), add 2 egg whites, whipped. The mask is applied first to the skin, and then to all the hair. Keep it for half an hour or a little longer - up to 40 minutes. Washing the mask should not be simple tap water, but water, acidified with lemon juice.

Oat conditioner for hair treatment. It is suitable not only for hair, but also for drinking. Grind 2 tablespoons of oats (uncleaned, but not for planting - it can be treated with "chemistry" against pests). Put the flour in a thermos, pour 2 cups of boiling water. Insist the night (minimum 10 hours). Ready to drain the decoction, drink half on an empty stomach, half rinse the hair. Remember: this decoction "works" not with a single, but with daily use. The result: strong and healthy hair.

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