Essential oils for hair growth

Many women want hair on the head to grow a little faster and this desire will help them to realize the essential oils that have a stimulating effect.

These substances, in the first place, include essential oil of carnation and rosemary, balm and lavender, juniper and pine, cinnamon and sage, ylang-ylang and fir. Essential oils for hair growth can be simply applied to the comb during daily combing, added to shampoos and balms (several drops each) or incorporated into complex masks with the addition of other components.

If we talk about the most effective essential oils, then they include oil of rosemary , which activates the blood circulation and opens the skin pores, strengthens the immune system and accelerates the growth of hair.

Another effective substance is cinnamon oil , which is a natural antioxidant, which improves blood microcirculation in hair follicles, which contributes to increased hair growth. But, cinnamon oil has a pronounced "character", causing redness and irritation on the sensitive skin, therefore, it is better to use it not in its pure form, but as a component of various oil mixtures.

Masks with essential oils for hair growth

1. A mask that strengthens the hair and activates their growth. Very effective is a mask, based on a mix of essential oils, each of which has a different curative effect on the scalp and curls. To create a mask, you need to take 3 drops of rosemary and lavender oils , 2 drops of cedar and thyme oil, 4 parts of l. oil from grape seeds , which will serve as the basis, and 0.5 tsp jojoba oil. The components are thoroughly mixed, and then rubbed with fingertips into the skin and roots of the hair. This mask can be left for the night, wrapping the head with polyethylene and putting on a mahro cap, and in the morning it is enough to wash your head with baby soap or shampoo.

2. Mask, which activates the blood supply of the root bulbs and activates the growth of hair. In two yolks, you need to add a drop of essential oils of rosemary, black pepper and basil, and a couple of ylang-ylang. The mask is applied to the base of the hair, holds about half an hour and is thoroughly washed off with shampoo.

3. Good influence on the growth of hair and the mask of ginger . To make it, you need to take a tablespoon of fresh ginger (or its powder equivalent), sesame oil or jojoba oil rubbed through a fine grater. It is desirable that the mask remained on the hair for the night (the head must be wrapped in cellophane and put on a mahr bath cap).

Essential oils for hair growth: methods of application

If there is no time to create a mask, you can add a couple drops of rosemary, lavender or cypress essential oil to the balm, shampoo, conditioner or rinse. Gradually, the hair will become stronger and more obedient, will start to shine, shimmering in the sun's rays and exuding a surprisingly gentle fragrance that will be an additional stimulus to the beginning of such aromatherapy.

To enhance the effectiveness of the action of essential oils that stimulate hair growth, they can be used as a mix. So, half a cup of basic vegetable oil (olive, burdock or sunflower) is added to 4 drops of cinnamon and rosemary oil and 2 drops of clove and pine oil.

To create a mask, you can use oils that counteract hair loss. To create it, you need to take 3 drops of fir and rosemary oil, yolk, a spoonful of honey and mix with the base - olive (burdock, in extreme cases, vegetable unrefined oil). Keep the mask on your hair for at least half an hour.

Another effective way to use essential oils is combing . Yes, indeed, before that, you should apply ylang-ylang, muscat sage, rosemary or pine oil (perhaps a mix of these oils) on the comb. For these purposes, it is better to use brushes and combs made from natural materials, and comb the hair for at least 5-7 minutes. After such procedures they will begin to shimmer healthy, shine, will acquire a uniform structure, ceasing to separate and will be delightfully fragrant.

A good way to strengthen hair, and also to activate their growth is water for rinsing. In non-rigid (if possible, distilled water), you need to add 3-4 drops of oils of geranium, rosewood and rosemary, and after standard procedures with washing your head, this water will need to be washed with cooked water. After several procedures, the dullness of the curls will disappear, their color will be deeper, the head of hair will be more lush and shiny, and the locks will be extremely easy to comb.

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