Lemon hair oil: useful recipes and masks

Lemon oil hairdressers began to use in hair care only recently, but it already had time to prove itself well, and also gained a lot of fans because of its pronounced citrus flavor.

Used lemon oil for hair for the treatment of dandruff, to combat their loss, inflammation and irritation of the scalp. After using this citrus "storehouse" of useful substances, the hair begins to shine, acquire a natural elasticity, strength and strength. By the way, the substances that make up the lemon oil lighten the hair, acting as softly as the white natural henna, so it can be called a natural alternative to tonic and "sparing" chemical paints.

Lemon oil: useful ingredients for hair

In the production of oil, not the pulp of lemon itself is used, but its peel, containing a huge amount of multivitamins, minerals and complex compounds based on ether. To be more precise, it includes:

- beta-carotene;

- vitamins A and E, C and PP, choline;

- vitamins of group B (B1 and B2, B5 and B6, B9);

- minerals (iron, potassium, copper, selenium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, magnesium, calcium);

Lemon hair oil: useful properties

If to speak about curative influences on a head of hear, the lemon oil possesses such properties:

- safely lightens hair ;

- nourishes the skin, while drying out the excessively oily skin;

- strengthens a hair bulb;

- cures dandruff ;

- gives the hair a natural shine;

- Strengthens curls, preventing them from falling out.

Thus, being used in the hairdressing business, lemon hair oil acts as a stimulating, nutritious and firming agent. In addition, it moistens locks, cleans fat-clogged pores, nourishes hair and skin cells with a mineral-vitamin complex, and normalizes metabolism at this level. Gradually, the hair will become lighter, surprising the surrounding with a beautiful platinum overflow of curls without a hint of yellowness. To fix the results, you should use lemon oil for hair at least 2 times in 7 days.

Recipes for masks with lemon oil for hair

If there is no time for making masks and there is no real essential oil at hand, you can prepare a rinse solution based on lemon juice. To do this, you need to dilute the lemon juice in a liter of water and rinse the hair with this solution after each washing of the head. By the way, this will make hair more docile, because lemon juice can neutralize the impact of aggressive shampoos containing a lot of alkali.

You can make a decoction based on lemon juice (or butter) and burdock root . So, 2 tablespoons. dried noodle roots pour 250 ml of steep boiling water, insist for 15 minutes. Next, strain the infusion and add to it 100 ml of lemon juice. This solution is rubbed into the roots of the hair immediately before washing the head.

This method will help to significantly strengthen the hair, reducing the unpleasant itching and flaking of the skin. As a result, they will cease to fall out, regardless of what gave rise to the development of this process.

Lemon with onions . A good result is the use of a mask with onion juice , which will be a panacea for women with rare hair. It is prepared from the juice of a common bulb mixed with a tablespoon of burdock oil and the same amount of lemon juice (or butter). To the mixture you need to add 2 tablespoons. flower or buckwheat honey, yolk and a spoonful of shampoo (to make the mixture more easily applied to the head). Ingredients carefully beat the mixer in a homogeneous mixture, which is applied to the moistened hair and thoroughly rubbed into the skin. The head is wrapped in cellophane and warmed with a towel. This mask can be kept for two hours, and then the hair is washed with water.

Fat and weakened hair will suit a mask of honey and lemon juice (or oil), taken in equal proportions (by a teaspoon), and diluted with yolk and 2 tablespoons. juice of aloe . The mixture, ground into a homogeneous mass, is rubbed into the roots half an hour before washing the head. As a conditioner it is better to use not a flowing water, but a decoction of dry St. John's wort.

Lemon hair oil: clarifying effect

As already mentioned, the lemon oil on the hair acts as a good clarifier, not only preserving their natural structure, but also giving the new shade an amazing saturation and brightness, allowing to shimmer and sparkle in the sun with platinum shine. To do this, add a couple of drops of ethereal lemon oil in hair care products. But, it must be remembered that in its pure form it can not be left on the hair for more than an hour, since the extract from the lemon can contribute to the appearance of a severe burn on the head. The principle of "less and more often" in this case will be the only correct one, so the mask should be kept on the head for about 30-40 minutes - then it will lighten and preserve its natural structure, and most importantly, its pigment. To take a great interest in use of a lemon juice it is not necessary, not to overdry the scalp.

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