Tea Tree Oil: Useful Properties for Hair

In the care of scalp, characterized by increased irritability, and excessively greasy hair, hairdressers recommend using tea tree oil. Its systematic use normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, so the hair will look clean, light and bulky.

Tea tree oil for hair can be used in the case of a tendency to form dandruff to prevent the pathological development of microorganisms, which, in fact, cause dandruff.

In addition to direct action, tea tree oil has an additional effect:

- Enriches the bloodstream in the scalp,

strengthens the structure of the hair,

- saturates them with a complex of vitamins and minerals,

- prevents premature falling out and brittleness

How to use tea tree oil for hair

Tea tree oil for hair can be used in several ways. The simplest is to add 2-3 drops of oil to a single shampoo. Thus, the shampoo is supplemented with oils and becomes more useful for the hair. Before washing off the enriched "shampoo", they need to massage the skin and hair roots for about five minutes. Of course, with daily use of shampoo every time you do not need to add oil, you need to do this up to 2 times a week, so as not to overdo it.

Masks with tea tree oil

A more complex process is the preparation of a cosmetic hair mask. It uses a slightly heated oily base from burdock, castor or olive oil. For every 2 tablespoons of this oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil are added, 2 drops of lavender, bergamot and rosemary. The oils are then mixed and infused for 10 minutes. The mask is rubbed into the roots of the hair, held for 20-25 minutes and washed off with a non-aggressive, mild shampoo. If, while holding the mask, burning and itching of the scalp feel, this means the presence of an allergic reaction to any of its components, so the mixture with the hair will need to be washed off immediately.

Nourishing mask. On the basis of tea tree oil, nutritious masks necessary for weakened hair (for example, with spring avitaminosis, after building or painting) are also made. It is made from chicken egg yolk, teaspoon of burdock or sunflower oil and a few drops of tea tree oil (usually, up to 5 drops). All constituent substances are mixed, and the mask is rubbed into the roots of the hair for 10-12 minutes by smooth massage movements. Then the head is wrapped in a plastic bag and in this state it leaves about 30-40 minutes. The mask is washed off with running water and shampoo with a non-aggressive formula. Both masks are done once a week and they can be easily alternated with each other.

Moisturizing mask . Another important ability of tea tree oils is to moisturize your hair. To prepare the moisturizing mixture, it is necessary to drip 3 drops of tea tree oil in a glass of hot water, then take a comb (perhaps a brush) and, periodically dipping it into a glass, comb your hair. Daily carrying out such a simple procedure, you can feed the hair roots, and heal the skin on the head.

Mask for hair growth. To stimulate the growth of new hair, you can use an oily mask based on slightly warmed olive oil and tea tree oil (the proportion of oily bases is 2: 1). This mixture is also rubbed into the scalp and the roots of the hair, then holding it under a warm kerchief or cap for an hour. The hair after the mask is washed with shampoo and water with 3-4 drops of tea tree.

A couple of useful tips:

- Before applying essential oil, a wrist test should be performed. Redness will signal a possible allergic reaction;

- as a basic basis, it is better to use burdock, castor, sunflower or olive oil;

- Masks with essential oils should not be restrained on hair. The maximum period is one hour.

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