Fashionable hair color - 2017-2018

The coming year is a happy time for the owners of blond hair. Fashionable will be bright, sunny shades, and more noticeable - sand, beige, gold, honey. The important point: they must all be warm.

Fashionable platinum shades of hair - 2017 - 2018

Are you the owner of a cold color? "Try on" platinum hair. A perfectly white color will make you a mighty snow lady, or, if you will, a kind, sweet Snow Maiden. Your appearance will be unique, very visible - and fashionable.

Fashionable hair color "nude": in the tone of the skin

What will never go out of fashion is natural beauty. Although of course, there are colors that can be called particularly successful in this or that season. For 2018, this is a blonde Nude, also known as a flesh tinge. By the way, nude manicure is also considered fashionable.

Fashion for naturalness: light brown shades

No less fashionable can be called a palette of blond colors. The natural colors of hair again occupy leading positions on the catwalks. Brown, golden, wheat colors - everything is in this palette. The main thing is maximum naturalness and light shine.

Fashion for gray hair: "granny glam"

It is interesting that gray hair can be called a special trend of the next year. Women are no longer embarrassed by their true appearance, but from the new year - and their age. Designers even invented a name for such a bow - granny glam, in translation "stylish grandmother". Some women (and even girls), without even having gray hair, make a whitish coloration, letting in their "mane" a few snow-white or silver locks. Young people can inspire models from Louis Viton, Gucci or Gauthier with gray hair, or in cold purple, blue and green tones. Well, older women can just proudly wear their gray locks.

Fashionable hair color - 2017 - 2018: mother of pearl

Fashionable hair color of 2018 is also mother of pearl. The radiant, multifaceted, scattering light of golden glare - that's how a really stylish woman will look next year.

Pink quartz

If your hair is thin and light, the "pink quartz" shade is best for them. In combination with a classic haircut (such as an elongated bean), this translucent color will create a sense of style, and paired with hooligan short hair (pixie) is a very bold bow.

Strawberry blond

Strawberry blond - an option for women with a warm exterior. He is extremely rich, thanks to which the hair shimmers from light reddish to rich pink. By the way, it's not always this tone that stains the entire head of hear - you can just pin a pair of locks, get a very "tasty" hairstyle that reminds you of cream sweets.

Fashionable hair color 2017 - 2018: smoke and ash

Smoke and ash effects - a solution for owners of "manes" of medium tones, such as chestnut, light brown, rich dark blond. To achieve this effect, you can in many ways: by highlighting, toning, rattling, coloring, or using several of these techniques at once. If you do not know yet, will you get such an image, partially color your hair in some areas.

Cold Chestnut

Cold chestnut, or smoky-chestnut - a wonderful color that meets all the requirements of fashionable nowadays naturalness and naturalness. Important! This beautiful shade will not go to every brown-haired woman, so do not immediately stain with a persistent remedy, start with a smearing toning. Maybe, after such an experiment, you decide that your gamma is not cold, but warm.

Coffee and caramel

Espresso with caramel - shades under such a tasty name will go to almost every woman. "Coffee with caramel" is wonderfully combined with any skin and eye color.

Fashionable warm hues of hair - 2017 - 2018

Gold, nut and red with a twinkle. Do you have dark blond hair? Why not take advantage of the advice of eminent designers and not try on a shade of flashy-gold, fiery-red or gold with red? This coloring, in addition to visibility, will bring a lot of expression into your hair. And it is not necessary to make hair monophonic! In 2018, a light ombre, highlighting the hair to a nut brown and light brown shade, will be relevant.

Sunny redhead

And what about the girls-chanterelles, the girls-lights-redheads? Their hair color is also in vogue, because can not such a passionate and hot color be actual? Although of course, it is worth considering some modern dyeing techniques and fashion shades. For example: the most stylish in 2018 are light colors, as if sunlit, rich in glare or kisses of sunset. Put in front of your master hairdresser the task of making such effects in your hair - you will not lose.

50 shades of red

Lovers of "high-profile" hairstyles can rejoice: next year it will be fashionable to tint locks with different shades of red, do ombre or coloring with cherry, with a smooth transition with a dark wine or tender berry tone. And it does not matter what color type you have! The hue of red can be chosen either, the main thing is that it turns out to be saturated and deep.

50 shades of red wonderfully fit girls with chestnut hair. Copper, chocolate or coffee tone will only become brighter when it is adjacent to the red string. This strand, say, can be placed near the face, with a lightened tip (which is not necessary, but very stylish).

2018 will become berry-wine: the real "mast hev" for hair will be precisely these colors. How tempting their names sound: burgundy, cherry, cranberry jam, mahogany, deep red! Of course, few people will dare to turn their head into such a berry fire - but many will like the idea of ​​shading light hair with a strawberry strand, dark - cherry, and reddish - Burgundy.

Fashion for Black

As for the owners of the darkest hair color, they also do not need to be repainted radically. Actual in the coming year will be black in its most frank manifestation - deep, without potholes and transitions, clean, well-groomed and expensive. No "raven wing" or redheads! Want to add hair volume, changing the tone of several strands? The palette should be monochrome, neutral in heat. Yes, not every master can make such a coloring without adding extra color to your hair ... But if he does this, you will feel like a real star from the cover.

Volumetric coloring: a game with color

Well, if you like everything from the listed ones - and none is strong enough, that is, you have not yet picked up your tone, "try on" the volumetric coloration, consisting immediately of several red hues. Let your hair go from light caramel to dark honey color. The second option - red head of hear with a burgundy or red podtonom. But do not forget: red color should not dominate, it's just an accent designed to make you noticeable.

The effect of sunburned hair is again at the peak of fashion in the coming season. He creates the illusion of voluminous highlighting of your hairstyle from the inside and looks very natural.

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