Fashionable haircuts - 2017 - 2018

In the coming fashionable season, fashionable women have dynamic, light haircuts, whose task is to emphasize the vigor, naturalness of their hostesses. However, at the peak of popularity there are also spontaneous straight, long hair. Of course, provided that their ends do not split and every hair shines with health.

Fashionable Bob: the most stylish options - 2018

Long bean + balage

Lengthened to the shoulders of the bean in combination with the fashionable coloring of the balayage is the most fashionable image - 2018. It is this type of haircut that most popular stars choose. For evening styling, it is recommended to slightly curl in soft, slightly noticeable waves and lay in a voluminous hairdo.

Bob with a long bangs obliquely

This model of haircut looks very stylish in combination with light waves and graduated tips. A long oblique fringe is an ideal option for girls with a round and square face, as well as for owners of plump cheeks.

Bob with a long bang on two sides

This fashion image is gaining popularity with each season. The elongated bangs falling on each side look expensive and noble.

Fashionable square - 2018: the most stylish images

Ragged ends + uneven parting

The main accent in the trendy square - 2018 - is a ragged tip and an uneven parting. The hairstyle should look like it flutters slightly in the wind.

Kare for lengthening

Actual will be and Bob-kara - especially with a complex graduation and lengthening. Fashion women will become "two-faced" - in front of them will have long hair, and behind - shortened.

Graduated square with oblique parting

Open forehead, parting (or elongated bangs) on one side - that's what will be the peak of style. However, the hair can be laid and back, effectively highlighting them with a cut of the temporal region.

Perfectly smooth Long bob

An elongated bean is a hairstyle, also known as a "forehead" (lob, longbob, which translates simply as "long bean"). Some women of fashion chose to wear it this year perfectly smooth, almost "sleek." But this is not the only fashionable experiment with a classic haircut.

Wave bob: waves are back in fashion

Another version of the bean will be "wob" (wob, wave bob - favorite celebrities "wavy bean"). A girl with short curls looks creative, natural and very romantic.

Graduated bulk bob

But a graduated bean is not a challenge to fashion, but a strict classic. Graduating can refresh the haircut on short or medium hair - and you are already in the circle of women of fashion! And do not forget about the "inaccurate" styling.

The attention of designers and stylists is still riveted to asymmetry and elongated strands in the face. Based on this, the bean can look stylish - geometric chelochka, even laying. Your bow can also be with a touch of grunge style "under the sixties", with a very noticeable volume at the roots.

Fashionable haircuts - 2018 for medium hair

Fashionable haircuts of 2018 for medium hair are diverse and noticeable. Actual will be atypical length differences, multilayeredness, gradations, shaved whiskeys and careless laying. Many stylists still recommend bean and bob-kara, as well as cascades, which are especially appealing to female students and business women, as they look great even without varnishes, gels and mousses.

Fashion Cascade - 2018

A universal "weapon" for both girls and women will be a cascade with an oblique cheek (almost to the chin), and also an elongation. It is important: make the parting not in the center, but on the side.

Asymmetrical haircuts - 2018

The main accent of fashionable haircuts will still be asymmetry. You will meet her in beans, in squares, and in pixies. Such a detail of the haircut will indicate your vigor and impudence, add to the image of charm and riddle, and also correct some shortcomings. Asymmetric can be not only a haircut, but also styling. Say, on the one hand, take the hair back, or braid it in a braid.

Fashionable short haircuts - 2018

Short haircut + long bangs

Long bangs are not the first season to decorate fashionable short haircuts, and is not going to give up their positions in the next season. This model of haircuts gives an image of mystery and charm, has many options for laying, helps to hide minor imperfections of the face.

Geometrical lines

And finally, brave girls, choosing short haircuts, will be most noticeable in the coming year. Yes, the fashion of this period tends to hairstyles for long hair - but for the lovers of the minimum length, she cooked something. Classic hairstyles with even geometric lines return to fashion.

Shaved Temple

Well, if you want to stand out from the crowd, choose options such as a bean with a shaven temple or back of the head (the front locks touch the ears, and the back of the head is maximally short, creating the maximum volume on the crown), the pixie, and the square - the straight, short, barely reach the cheeks. A bit bold, but it's no less beautiful!

Ruffled pixie with long strands

Of course, we must not forget the pixie haircut! This ultra-short version of the hairstyle is simply made for girls with soft features. It is an excellent option for creative natures, because it creates a "ruffled effect" on the head.

A voluminous "cap" with torn strands

If you like to be in the center of attention, do not pass by a slightly amusing and very catchy retro-haircut "cap". The shortened (sometimes even shaved) lower part, the volume on the crown, elongated lacerated strands - and you are the official "modyashka" of 2018.

Fashionable long haircuts - 2018

Mirror smoothness

Well, and how not to tell about haircuts for long hair! The hairstyle for this length is obliged to emphasize the femininity and tenderness of her mistress. Most long-haired stars in this season are increasingly choosing perfectly smooth, mirrored, radiant curls. You can achieve a fashionable effect by using the screening procedure.

Patchwork haircuts and torn strands

In 2018, in honor will be careless laying. So, hairdressers and stylists will advise their clients cascade, "steps", decorated with creative disorder "ladder".

Especially the focus on the cascade is to make the owners of fine and wavy hair.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs - 2017 - 2018

The fashion will still be bangs. Most of all, they are interested in girls who want to change the image a bit, but do not say goodbye to luxurious long hair. The main thing is to pick up a bang for your type of face.

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