Fashionable hairstyles - 2017 - 2018

The main motto of 2018 will be: want to look fashionable - throw out the comb! Yes, the most urgent bow of the coming year is disheveled grunge. Do you remember Bridget Jones riding in a gig? Something similar on their heads will be built fashionistas in 2018, only with the help of more accessible means.

Disheveled "bun" or "shell"

Create the effect of "yesterday's hairstyle" - and your image will become a trend. To begin with, you need to dry your hair the way you are used to, that is, either with a hair dryer, or in a natural way.

Lightly treat all the sticks with mousse. Beat the hair behind (on the vertex). Fix the effect of "freedom" in the hair with a spray.

Partial weaving on her hair

No matter how the stylists try to introduce "man-made beauty" into fashion, girls and women of the whole world still warmly welcome light negligence and naturalness. The owner of this bow looks refined, romantic, so she can not help liking others (and herself, of course). Pigtail can be used instead of a hair clip in the area of ​​the temples or on the crown. Actual weaving is the French waterfall and scythes of flagella.

Dropped hair from the hairstyle

Such a laid-back, natural image is often used by celebrities. Hairstyle becomes more voluminous and feminine.

Piglet instead of rim

Scroll along the string near the temples, braid on a pigtail. One wrap around the head, then use hairpins or invisibility to fix the opposite temple. After that, do the same with the other pigtail. And that the image was even more romantic, decorate the rest of the hair with gentle waves.

Ponytail with fleece

In a fashion, everything is cyclical. Only we forgot about the nasches - and suddenly he again shines on the pages of fashion gloss. Naches - a very practical solution: the owner of rare or thin hair, he can give an impressive volume ... Of course, if the girl will have a sense of proportion!

Half-bun and female top knot

Hairstyle top-knot today is popular not only in men. A female version of the half-pouch can be performed on both long and short hair.

Fashionable bundle - 2018 with weaving

And, of course, the year 2017 would not be so cozy if you do not mod to knots and bundles. Yes, and how else, because this hairstyle - just a "wand-zashchalochka" for busy girls, since it almost does not take time to stack. And if you decorate the bunch with an original weave - chic options for a party.

Especially the bundle goes to the owners of the right features - these ladies deliberately careless hair even gives a kind of royal charm. You can create a stylish and smooth "snail" on the head by placing it strictly on the back of the head - or vice versa, to dishevel it by sliding it down.

By the way, in the trend will be inaccurate. While twisting the bundle, do not hide the ends of the strings under it - let them stick out where they want, and if your hair is long, it hangs freely on your back.

Hairstyles with an oblique parting

Fashionable hairstyles of 2018 would be incomplete without such an image. Curly, slightly disheveled locks, combed to the right or left and fixed in this position with studs - an excellent solution for both medium length and long hair. Especially this sexual image will suit for an evening exit ... Well, or for a red carpet, that the stars have already proved us.

Fashionable hairstyles with braids - 2018

Do not stay away from fashion trends and braids. But of course, they will change somewhat. Complex knots, patterns, intricate weaving - surrealism will become actual, and only!

Hair can be braided into loose beams, weave in them different trendy jewelry or ethnic bands. This is not only a return to folklore, but also an old-good image from the nineties. And besides the ribbons, a long braid can also be decorated with bright stripes of silk or chiffon.

But a pigtail with a ribbon - probably the most romantic option. This is not only a return to folklore, but also an old-good image from the nineties. And besides the ribbons, a long braid can also be decorated with bright stripes of silk or chiffon.

Imitation of the bangs

Fake bangs - another fantasy of fashion designers. Careless, disheveled, asymmetrically covering part of the face of the bangs can be created from long curls, borrowed from a high hairstyle on the vertex.

The effect of wet hair

The effect of wet hair is another forgotten trend, which returns to us from the 90's. Especially stylish, he looks on curly hair. Create a fashionable styling is easy. On wet hair, apply gel and lightly dry with a hairdryer.

Fashionable corrugation

Hairstyle hairstyles, coming from the 80's, again found themselves on the catwalks. It is worth buying a corrugated corrugated board to diversify the hairstyle with individual corrugated strands.

Fashionable hairstyles with curls - 2018

One of the most fashionable evening hairstyles of 2018 is, of course, curls and curls. But in the new year, new visions of the old ways are also welcome.

So you can say about the curls: stylists suggest you after the battle of the chimes to wear as light waves, and fluffy curls or elastic spirals. And long hair does not need to be twisted at all length - it is enough to put curlers on only a few braces, or to do otherwise - to combine in one hairstyle curls of different sizes.

Trendy hairstyle for office - 2018

Fashionable hairstyle for the office has moved away from strict standards. Look stylish at work will help styling the hair on one side, slightly curly hair.

Smooth hairstyles

Elegant, refined and even aristocratic, they will be the most loved among the business ladies, and among the stylish of this world. Of course, you can "smooth" your hair for any exit (even wedding images in 2018 will be created taking this trend into account), and such hairstyles are made very simply.

Style "short" for short hair

And what about short haircuts? Minimalists in hair are fond of fashion stylists advised to apply to the style of kazhual. Apply gel on hair, ruffle them - and the styling is ready. Do you like to rebel? Make an asymmetrical bang. Well, if you are a romantic person, create light waves in your hair.

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