Hair coloring Balajazh

This word came from the French language. Surprisingly, it translates as "sweep". Experienced masters, who are well acquainted with the technique of this coloration, agree: indeed, the brush strokes on the hair are similar to the movements of the panicle.

Advantages of staining balage

Brilliant strands resembling solar overflows; underlined color depth; feminine, romantic bow. In addition, dyeing balage refreshes the face.

The technique of work is as follows: from the middle of the hair, by means of color, individual strands and also the ends of the hair are designated. The paint lies in the form of the letter V, that is, first at the sides of the strand, and then at the end. And the color is chosen not the only one, but about three (sometimes two) similar shades. This game of tones can be performed as smoothly, vaguely, and abruptly.

With what techniques can you compare this coloration? With an ombre and a rattletrap.

Why do girls like balayaz?

He will not harm naughty or thin hair (technology is considered sparing).

Staining visually "fills" your hair, except for the splendor, adding to it also the luster.

You do not have to run every month to the salon and decorate the strands (of course, if you do not own short hair).

Balayage can "camouflage" a square chin, too lush cheeks or dilated cheekbones.

There are dyeing and flaws. In the first place, it is done longer than the melioration familiar to many. Secondly, it is very difficult to make it at home.

Who should decorate themselves with this technique?

If you have healthy, voluminous hair of the maximum length, everything will suit you - both balage and other techniques. This coloring will well lie on the traditional "ladder" of any length. But best of all it "sweats" with curls, so before painting many masters advise to make a long-lasting wave (say, carving).

Balajazh for short haircut

Do you have short hair? Balayage will perfectly lie on the square with graduation. Do not forget to emphasize a pair of pryadok behind, and also near the forehead - so you add a cutting to the modern "sound", and make it more magnificent. By the way, the color of balaža can be not only natural, but also bright, extreme - it all depends on your personal mood.

Coloring of light brown hair

Masters are advised to pay attention to natural tones close to your native shade: light blond, amber (from a light palette), golden, wheat. The transition will not catch your eye. Do you want to become visible? Your choice - copper, as well as blond (silvery - ashy), nut (from a light palette), caramel, the color of coffee with milk.

Balayazh for the blonde

In this case, the technique revitalizes the head of hear. Additional volume is also relevant. For blonde clients stylists choose no more light, and shades of a few tones are darker. If you like "sparkles" in your hair, your option is a platinum blond.

Balayazh on dark hair

In this case, the balayage "plays" particularly brightly. If you want a catchy image, decorate yourself with the tones of old bronze, October foliage or wine. More delicate onions will create colors in honey, caramel, chocolate or gold. Such a paint can only be applied to the ends, or "highlight" the strands along the entire length.

Acidic and fashionable

Do you like to shock acquaintances and strangers? Try on yourself the most fashionable bow, dyeing the ends of strands of neon shades. The color can be anything: from sky-blue to saturation-sunny. This is a coloring from the category "dance, while young," as it fits young, courageous girls.

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