Californian hair styling

California melirovanie received such a name due to one of the US states. It is one of the possible varieties of melancholy Shatush . This is a gentle coloring of the hair, which creates a smooth transition from the dark roots to the lighter tips.

It is worth noting that the maximum effect can be achieved when staining the blond hair. For carrying out the Californian melting, no use of thermal paper or foil is required, the staining is performed with a special paste based on beeswax, due to which the hair is not severely injured.

California meling on blond hair

A feature that distinguishes the Californian melioration from the Chateau is the use of more saturated and bright shades of strands. It also allows the use of several different light colors. It is worth noting that the technique of this melioration is often used to perform various variations of the bronze or the now popular coloring - ombre .

California highlight for dark hair

The technique of California melioration creates a fashionable effect of a smooth transition from dark roots to light strands of different tones and widths. The dark zone at the roots can also have a different width, resulting in a stylish effect, which is almost always relevant. There are countless methods of performing melioration , so that every professional stylist can prove himself in this area and find his circle of regular customers.

California Highlights: Shade Options

The effect of melioration on blond hair will, perhaps, be the most noble and impressive, especially if the master will use several different light colors. In this case, the resulting result will look more "expensive".

With Californian melirovanii hair color can be as smooth and pastel, and quite sharp and contrast. This season, especially popular is the melioration with the creation of colored strands of a touch of coffee, caramel, coffee-cognac.

In our time, very popular methods of dyeing hair in the open air. Thanks to this, you can create incredibly smooth transitions. The color of the growing roots can hardly differ from the dark colored part, and the boundary between them will be almost imperceptible. Overflowing the hues can be very mild, creating the impression of sunlight and additional volume of hair.

California highlights for medium hair

California highlights are ideal for those who want to change style, dye their hair, but are very worried about their condition. This type of dyeing ensures gentle, gentle treatment of the hair, especially for brunettes and brown-haired women. During the hair regrowth, the transition will be almost invisible, which will allow you to make a repeated trip to the master after a longer period of time, which in turn will significantly reduce the chemical effect on the hair, and you can save time and money.

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