Hair coloring

Fashionable colors and shades of hair. Palette of colors

The palette of modern hair colors is so diverse that the eyes are scattered: one color is more beautiful than the other! The color of the hair should match your color appearance.

Fashionable highlights - 2018. New technologies

Hair melting is the best way to change your image, add hair volume and visually rejuvenate the face. The technique of melioration is constantly becoming more complicated.

Coloring "sombre": soft overflows

The technique of coloring "sombre" allows you to experiment with your color, without changing the image radically. Soft transitions look as natural and feminine as possible.

Types and methods of hair coloring

Melting will never go out of fashion. After all, using melirovaniya you can create a fashionable, harmonious image, revitalize the main color of hair, visually add volume to your hair.

Fashionable Balayage: shades options

Staining in the style of Balayage has become an indispensable attribute for every fashionista. Its advantages: natural shades, smooth transitions and visual volume.

Bronzing 3-D: natural effect

Brondirovanie hair has gained popularity among the Hollywood beauties. Bringing allows you to enrich your hair with several close shades.

Ways of lightening hair

Blond hair for many is a state of mind. Achieve a natural light shade is difficult, but modern tools can work wonders. Consider the popular ways that blondes use to produce dazzling shades.

How to dye your hair at home

If you are not a professional in the hairdresser's art, you need to be very careful with persistent paints. Uniform beautiful hair color at home can not work out the first time. Let's consider possible errors.

Natural bezammia paints

Many people know that persistent dyes ruthlessly corrupt the structure of the hair. Colors without ammonia act much softer, as a result, experiments with color will not be reflected sadly on the hair.

Hair coloring with henna. Shade Options

With the help of natural henna, you can get a few juicy bright colors. Henna is a natural component that will restore curls, tired of chemical dyes, relieve dandruff.

Basma for hair - dyeing and strengthening

Basma for hair was loved by the beauties of the Ancient East. Natural basma strengthens and restores the hair. Thanks to rich colors, she can become a real friend of brunettes.

Coloring hair: fashion options

Coloring the hair gives unlimited color options to create a chic hairstyle. Strands can be painted in different colors, creating interesting color variations. Today this method is one of the popular among fashionistas.

Melting with chocolate strands

This option is ideal for blond beauties who are bored with a monochrome hair color and want to diversify your hair with something fresh. Dark strands emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and add contrast.

Discoloration of hair: popular ways

If you need to dye your hair in a shade lighter than yours by a few tones, you need to first discolor them. Consider popular methods.

Who to be: blonde, brunette or redhead?

If you can not decide what shades are more to your face, you should test your color-type. By dramatically changing the color, you can spoil the image.

Meling on dark hair: fashion options

With the help of not black hair, you can bring a highlight to your image: "highlight" the curls with sunlight, add new shades, make the hair more spacious and expressive.

Light shades: tips for coloring

Girls tend to prefer light shades, focusing on "gentlemen." There is a rich palette of fashionable blond shades, we'll figure out which ones will suit you.

Brilliance on blond hair

Blonde girls often want to experiment with their appearance. But from the list of desirable colors it is necessary to delete fashionable bright shades.

How to remove yellowness from blond hair

Clean, blond shades are often not obtained when painting, even with experienced masters. To correct a situation it is possible by means of modern ottenochnyh means.

Fashionable hair coloring Ombre

Ombre's technique looks very impressive, since it allows any manipulation of the hair color. For example, the shade can be stretched from light to dark.

How to choose a hair dye

Hair colors are used by almost all women. To choose the right paint, you need not only to guess with a shade, but also to determine the degree of firmness.

What color is better to dye hair

Modern paints are divided into several levels of resistance, as well as chemical composition. Choose a paint is necessary delicately, focusing on the condition of the hair.

Hair coloring during pregnancy

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? This question is asked each future mother, who is not indifferent to her baby. Let's rassotrim safe variants of dyeing hair during pregnancy.

Hair colors for pregnancy

The future mother needs to take care of the baby's health. Want to dye your hair, carefully read the composition of the paint.

How to wash off henna? Home remedies

Henna gives hair a lot of benefit. However, if you are tired of a red tint, washing it with hair will be problematic enough. There are several means.

How to remove green shade from hair

A green shade of hair is a frequent visitor with unprofessional staining of strands. The hue can be removed or masked by toning.

Safe staining. New technologies

Technologies of hair dyeing do not stand still, and today new designs of coloring agents appear, allowing to reduce aggressive impact to a minimum.

Hair toning: how to do it correctly

Toning of hair is the use of unstable cream paint, which allows you to change your shade for several weeks. Toning allows a variety of experiments with color.

How to wash off persistent paint from hair?

Many girls, experimenting on themselves, are often unhappy with the new color of their hair. After all, when painting the hair at home you can get unexpected shades. How to fix the error?

Fashionable painting - 2018: new technologies

Fashion - 2018 is preparing another surprise for its followers. Bright colors are replaced by soft, natural colors. Emphasize your personality!

Care for colored hair

If the hair is painted, they need a special approach. Your task is to restore the damaged hair shaft and fix the color in your hair as long as possible.

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