Chalking with chocolate and brown locks

Even a beautiful monophonic blond hair color, with time, bored, and their owner will want, though somehow, to change their appearance. In this situation, the harmonious melioration of individual locks by the colors of the brown and chocolate palette will help to make your hair more original.

On the eve of holidays, this decision is one of the most fashionable trends, allowing, without special expenses, to create an updated image for yourself.

The use of contrasts, long ago, was one of the effective ways to create new and interesting hairstyles. Skilfully painted dark strands can amazingly embellish and change the appearance and, at the same time, you do not need to torture your hair with a complete repainting.

In the event that initially the blond is not a natural hair color and you have to constantly brighten up overgrown roots, it is recommended to apply melioration shades slightly darker than your current, namely caramel and nut. As a result, the hairstyle will become not only fashionable, but, to a large extent, the problem with the correction of the color of the overgrown roots will be removed.

Who will do chocolate highlighting?

Such an option as chocolate and brown hair styling is suitable for almost all ages and if it helps young girls to make the image more vivid and simply refresh it, then more mature women will be able to visually reduce their age. Depending on the preferences, strands can be wide or as thin as possible - consult your master and he will tell you which option is optimal for you. Recently, it has become very fashionable to perform dyeing with smooth transitions (degradation) , making the hair darker at the roots and light at the tips.

Melting with chocolate strands on short hair

Of course, we can not forget about the Californian melioration with brown and chocolate shades, which is an excellent solution for those who like more sharp and hard transitions. This option is especially preferable for girls with very light skin, when the choice of suitable colors is somewhat limited.

As for the technology of chocolate melioration, it practically does not differ from the traditional white marking. Partial staining is also exactly done using a special rubber cap, foil or just paper. If desired, only a part of the head, or one or more strands, can be subjected to melting.

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