Color Highlights

Colors and shades of highlights

Melting and coloring is often called a general definition - color highlights. As a rule, the darker and brighter the basic shade of hair, the more saturated is the coloring.

The colors of hair styling can be varied, and the choice of a suitable option depends on the basic shade and individual preferences.

White and bright highlights

Hair highlighting with light shades is considered one of the most common. To ensure that the colored strands are harmoniously combined with the base color, it is necessary to remember that ashen blondes should preferably choose a cold color, for example, it can be silvery or pearly, and for owners of natural hair color with a golden or yellowish tinge, it is better to choose for melirovaniya warm colors: perfect for honey color or champagne.

Ash marksing the hair is suitable for girls with a cold color appearance (winter and summer). Ashen strands will make the image fresh and feminine. However, girls with a warm skin color, he can add an age.

Lighting on blonde hair is a great way to brush up a hairstyle without dramatically changing the image. Shades of highlights are dependent on your imagination - from light beige, golden, caramel to saturated chocolate.

Melirovanie on dark hair is popular among the stars. In the trend, hair coloring with several shades - from golden to chestnut, as well as melting Ombres with a smooth transition of tones.

White melioration can be performed both on light, red, and dark hair. White strands are a classic of fashion, they are suitable for women of any age and status.

Black color highlight

Black highlighting looks very stylish and relevant. Thin black strands allow the hairdo visually to acquire additional volume and depth, making the image more expressive. In black color, you can original shape the face or select only the lower strands.

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Melting with chocolate strands

Chocolate and brown shades of melioration will always look actual and harmonious. Such coloring helps mature women visually reduce age, making the appearance vivid and memorable. Chocolate or brown strands can be both broad and thin. For the most effective result it is recommended to consult the wizard to select the appropriate option. Now it has become popular to perform dyeing with smooth transitions, making the hair light at the ends and dark near the roots.

Red color highlights

Red highlighting perfectly combines with the base black color. These shades can be used to create an original and three-dimensional hairstyle. Bright strands on a dark background will look quite contrast, thereby creating a bold and stylish image. You can make a highlight along the entire circumference of the head or select individual sections of the hair, for example, a bang or some locks that frame the face.

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Light browning

Light browning will help refresh the appearance, giving it special expressiveness. However, you need to approach the process very carefully: do not overdo it, because the painted strands should not be excessively allocated against the general background. Having created the illusion of sun-burned hair, you can visually give the hair-do effect a sun glare. This process is called French, but it has some limitations: this technology will look spectacular and natural only light blond hair. If you use this method on dark-brown shades, it is unlikely that you will get the desired result.

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