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melirovanie at home

Meliorating at home

Melting will never go out of fashion. With the help of various methods of melioration, you can create any image - both romantic and extravagant.

The technique of melioration requires certain skills, so it is best to contact the professional hairdresser to get the desired result. But if you do not trust anyone, or you can not afford the services of a fashionable salon, you can try to make a marking at home.

Before grinding the hair, make sure that they are not painted with henna or chemical resistant paints, otherwise the shade can turn out to be the most unpredictable.

Homework can be done in several ways, which one to choose depends on the type of your hair .

Homemade highlights with a beanie

This method is the easiest for melirovaniya hair at home. It is suitable only for short hair, up to 15 cm long. For highlighting use a special cap with small holes. Any rubber bathing cap, or even an ordinary piece of cellophane, in which it is necessary to make holes in a staggered order, is also suitable. It is very convenient to buy a special set for highlights, it includes everything you need.

Put on the hat, stretch the small strands of hair in the holes with the hook or the tip of the comb. Depending on the desired result, the hair can be stretched in every third hole (for easy melioration), one (medium), or all (in this case an intensive result will be obtained).

Now dilute the clarifying paint according to the instructions. Use a flat brush to apply the paint on a strand of hair. To lighten the hair for one tone, the paint should be kept for about 15 minutes, for a more intensive result, you will need up to 45 minutes, depending on the natural color of your hair.

Without washing off the cap, carefully wash the clarified strands. Then remove the hat and wash the entire head with shampoo, apply medical balm .

Clarified strands can be shaded in any fashionable shade, this will help to soften the sharp color transitions.

Meliorating the house on foil

The way of meliorating hair to foil is great for long hair. It is very convenient and effective. To do this you will need long strips of foil with a width of 7 -10 cm.

Before you start the melting procedure, you need to determine the width and frequency of the lightened strands. Then prepare the paint according to the instructions.

To start melirovanie is best with parting. Remove the thin strand with the hook or the tip of the comb, put it on the foil. Apply to it a discoloration composition with a flat brush and wrap. For convenience of work it is recommended to fix the foil with the help of hair clips.

After you have carved out the central part, treat the right and left sides in the same way. The last strands are stitched back.

The coloring composition should be kept on the head for 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the desired shade. Then remove the foil and gently rinse the dye off the hair. Now you need to wash the entire head with shampoo and apply a therapeutic or toning balm .

Another way of meliorating at home is interesting - in a circle. From any handy material you need to cut a circle, make a hole in the center and stretch the hair into it. Then you need to distribute the strands in a circle and apply the paint. Cover your hair with foil and keep the right time. Then rinse hair thoroughly and rinse with herbal decoction .

What will you need to do at home?

It is best to purchase a special kit for hair styling. It includes all the necessary tools that you might need.

Prepare a towel to protect clothing, gloves and a wooden or plastic brush.

It is advisable to find yourself an assistant who, according to your instructions, will process strands of hair where you do not reach. If there is no assistant, it is most convenient to sit between two large mirrors installed in front of you and behind. So you will see all the patches of hair.

The clarifying composition should be diluted in accordance with the type of your hair. For dark, thick hair, take a 12% oxidizer. For light, thin or damaged hair, 3% is suitable.

Strands are not re-colored. Only the roots discolour (as the regrowth grows). 5 minutes before the end of the effect of the composition, it is carefully distributed over the entire strand, so that the color is smooth and without transitions.

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