French hair styling

French hair styling

First, let's define - what is the French melioration. So called, one of the types of hair blonding , and the procedure itself, very gentle and recommended for light and brown-haired brown-haired women.

French hair styling is carried out with the help of a special paint that gently brightens the strands, and radical means for clarification are not applied.

The very name - "French highlighting" - arose after the appearance of a paint developed by the famous French firm L'Oreal, which makes it possible to lighten the hair for 1-4 tones.

Who will approach the French highlighting

French highlighting, visually gives the hair extra volume and creates a unique game of shades. And the master, either uses one color or a combination of several shades, for example: milk-pearl, golden-honey, nut-beige or others.

It should be noted that the dyes used in the French melioration, thanks to a specially designed composition, do not damage the structure of the hair, but on the contrary - nourish them, give a healthy appearance and shine .

But it is necessary to remember that such melirovanie, is not applied to dark hair, as the clarified strands can have a red tint. As for light brown or light brown hair, there are no restrictions, using the French melioration, the warm and cold tones of the blonde are fine.

French options

Now there are a variety of options for the technique of French melioration, which allows stylists to create real masterpieces. The technology of this type of melioration makes it possible to apply the technique of multicolored pastel coloring of hair - it is a combination of several light pastel tones, which gives a tremendous effect. At the same time, the more shades are used, the more interesting the result is - the colors turn out soft, slightly blurred, the impression of sparkling of the strands in the sunlight is created.

There are classical or partial French hair styling. At partial melirovaniem - processed individual zones or strands, for example: only the ends of the hair, the upper layers of hair, or strands around the face.

To create a smooth transition from light ends to a darker zone of the root part of the hair, French melioration, it is necessary to apply using the technology of the stooge .

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