Shading for short hair

A girl with a short hairstyle always stands out among girlfriends with long hair. A special charm of such a beauty will give a highlight for short hair. It is able to hide gray hair, to shade the natural beauty and make the look of its owner really interesting.

There are two ways of highlighting short haircuts: using a cap and a hook and using a foil. The first method is considered the most simple and popular. The result of melirovaniya most advantageous looks on graduated and multilayer hairstyles: strands of contrasting color can be emphasized with wax, and the image will automatically become more stylish.

Ways of highlighting short hair

There are several ways of melioration on short hair. American meling will create iridescent glare, giving the hair a volume, and the appearance - liveliness and naturalness. This effect is achieved through the use of 2-4 shades of dyes.

Another technique that will suit brunettes is the highlighting of "Baliage . " This is not the entire length of the hair, but only their tips. "Baliage" is better to use with graded haircut .

The glazing method can be used by connoisseurs of bright images. At the tips of the hair, a lightening paint is applied with a special brush, which makes it seem that the sun shine in the hair.

For those who want to quickly lighten their hair and give them a rich, bright shade, a technique of mazhikontrasta is created. It involves the use of persistent staining agents.

For those who do not wish to burn the hair with perhydrol, there is a procedure for mahamesh . It is based on cream paint with the addition of wax. The maximum effect from this type of highlighting is a gentle golden hue and lightening by 4 tones, so it is not very suitable for brunettes.

Highlights on dark hair impart volume, shine and radiance. The most successful shades will be beige, caramel, golden, amber, chestnut color.

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