Highlighting on fair-haired hair

What you need to know when highlighting on fair-haired hair

To make the image more fresh and expressive, often use melioration on fair-haired hair. It must be remembered that in this case it is necessary not to overdo it, that the strands that have been stained, in general, would not be too prominent. For example, by creating the illusion of burnt hair from sunlight, you can visually add extra volume and create a game of sun glare. This technique is called French. This technique has a limitation, because for this you can use light blond hair. If you use the French melioration for dark-blond hair, then the desired effect can not be achieved.

By French melioration on fair-haired hair it is possible to achieve careful clarification, thus the structure of hair is not damaged, and the hairdress gets more refined kind. In order to do this, you do not need to clarify beforehand.

Californian highlighting on fair-haired hair

This method of milling has become widespread, because of its environmental friendliness when dyeing hair. When using this technique, the hair remains the same natural, but at the same time in the sunlight sparkle and pour. At the Californian melioration on fair-haired hair a very large palette of flowers. With its help you can get coffee, cognac, beige and honey shades. This method has one secret - you do not need to use foil to conduct it. When staining strands, they directly contact the rest of the hair mass. Thanks to this, it is possible to remove a clear color border between natural and clarified hair.

At the Californian bloom on fair-haired hair there are a lot of advantages:

  • with his help you can effectively color gray hair;
  • there is no need to constantly tint, due to the fact that the contrast of overgrown roots is not created on the general background;
  • the possibility of using soft clarifying products, allows hair to be healthy and strong.

    Melting on foil or paper

    If you want to get a color that does not have golden hues, and combining the color of your hair and strands of white, then the method of melioration in the open air will not work. To achieve the desired effect, you need to use foil or paper.

    This method of melioration is used when, although to obtain a light blond color, in which two shades are used - natural blond and very light.

    How harmful is melirovanie on fair-haired hair?

    Many, probably, thought about how harmful hair coloring. We must admit that dyeing hair, like melioration, can harm the hair. But, considering that during melirovanii coloring is a small part of the hair, the harmful effect is not significant. Method melirovaniya on fair-haired hair suitable for any age, both for young girls and older ladies. With all the advantages, this method has its drawbacks. In some cases, the hair past melirovanie, become more dry and brittle. This is due to the effect of aggressive oxidants on the hair. Observing all the rules, under the supervision of a well-trained hairdresser, you can reduce the harmful effects of negative drugs and prevent the burning of hair. For more saturated colors, it is necessary that the oxidizer lasts longer on the hair, thereby increasing the time of harmful effects. Therefore, this should be paid special attention, when choosing the color saturation.


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