Hair styling with wide locks

Milling with wide locks

Melting with wide strands is a stylish option, which is preferred by a certain circle of women. The coloring of this style emphasizes the bright expression of the strands with a lighter shade in the aggregate of several tones.

The base color can be dark brown or brown, and the widest strands that get the most light shade are chosen for it. To achieve a deep contrast, the highlighted areas are toned in order to brightly highlight the main color. As a rule, beige-brown or cream-nut scale is used for wide setting , which became the peak of popularity this season.

In the process of brightening wide strands to create a pronounced blonde, apply toning . In turn, it allows you to create a smooth transition from dyed hair to hair not being dyed, allows you to correctly place the color on the strands, make the clarified strands as light as possible, and create another original and fashionable shade. Toning is done at the end of the procedure.

Practice shows that the owner of such coloring becomes more and more, even though it loses its position on the catwalks.

The advantages of wide strands

- Only 50-70% of hair is exposed to lightening.

- The scalp will not necessarily suffer a loss from chemical exposure, but if the hair is lightened to the roots, then this is not to be preceded.

- The natural color of the hair is preserved, broad strands are also chosen for it, which get a light shade.

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