Brilliance on blond hair

Brilliance on blond hair

Owners of light hair are very fond of experimenting with their appearance. However, to become bright and original blond girls can not afford saturated shades, it looks vulgar. The best way to emphasize your individuality and at the same time remain a blonde is to make a highlight on your blonde hair.

There are several options for highlighting blond hair.

Lighting with light shades

If you make some strands lighter than your natural color, your hairstyle will look bigger, lively, gleam. The highlighting of light shades looks very natural and feminine.

Due to the fact that you need to lighten your hair for only 1-2 tones, a gentle oxidizer will fit for melioration, so your hair will stay healthy. It is very fashionable and rich in melioration, performed in several shades, close in the palette.

To make melted strands harmoniously combined with your hair, remember that ashen blondes should choose to paint cool shades - silver, pearl, etc. If your natural hair color has a golden or yellowish tinge, melioration will suit warm golden colors - honey, champagne.

Melting with black locks

Black strands in blond hair today look very stylish and relevant. Fine filamentary black strands give the hair volume and depth, make the face expressive. Black can be used to face a person, or to paint lower strands. Highlights black strands: photos, options .

Color strands on blond hair

If you are bored with a homogeneous blond color of your hair, an excellent option to make the hairstyle more original will be color highlights . To date, this is a very fashionable trend, which allows you to create a unique image.

If you are not a natural blonde, and constantly tinted overgrown dark roots, make melirovanie shades, a little darker than your - nutty, caramel. It is not only fashionable, but also convenient - the process of growing roots becomes less noticeable and color correction can be made less often.

Warm natural shades on individual strands will make your image more fresh and bright, and the ladies of Balzac's age will help to lose a few years. Strands for highlights can be made both wide and very thin, it all depends on your taste. It is very fashionable to color the hair with transitional colors according to the ombre principle - from darker to roots, to light at the tips.

The most natural, feminine shades for melioration on blonde hair are golden chestnut, walnut, cognac, honey, caramel, milk chocolate.

For more extravagant individuals, you can suggest interspersing in your hair with the following shades - cyclamen, green, all shades of red.

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