Melioration of dark hair

Highlighting on dark hair

Melirovanie on dark hair is an excellent opportunity to make the hairdress volume, bright and original. With the help of melioration, you can lighten dark hair for a few tones, while keeping the hair healthy.

Dark hair when melirovanii it is not desirable to strongly discolor , as the abrupt transition of shades looks unnatural, and even vulgar. It is best to choose colors that are close to your natural color, in order to get the fashionable effect of sunburned hair.

The effect of the blonde . Often melirovanie hair do with the purpose to clarify them on some tones. Light strands rejuvenate the face, make the image more feminine. Strong clarifying effect is often marked with fine strands, but if your hair structure is thin and vulnerable, you can severely damage your hair. A more gentle option would be to lighten the strands to 2-3 tones with a cream paint. An interesting result is given by the shades of caramel, gold, walnut, copper, wheat.

The colors for highlighting dark hair

The most fashionable colors for highlighting dark hair - gold, bronze, caramel, coral, cyclamen, red, chocolate. Great looks on dark hair combination of bright color shades with light golden reflections.

A classic example of dark hair styling: make the base hair color brown, part of the hair straighteners make 1-2 colors lighter than the primary color, and between them - golden strands, giving the hair a play of sun glare. This option is suitable for both business ladies of any age, and for young women of fashion who want to be in the spotlight.

For extravagant ladies, you can suggest coloring strands in ultramond shades of blue or red. The hairdresser will pick 3-5 shades, which will be interesting to combine with each other and will give a harmonious image to your hair.

Baling on dark hair

Balayage is one of the popular ways of melting dark hair, which is often used by the stars. Melioration balayazh allows you to lighten your hair in a clean way, focusing only on the tips. This highlighting looks very impressive on short hair. Long hair melirovayut as follows: the roots are painted in a dark color, stretching the shade to a more light on the tips. Stylish looks Baliage with the effect of red tongues of flame on the tips. For Baliage also often use chocolate, copper, light brown, wheaten shades.

Methods of highlighting dark hair

California meling and bronzing are the most popular way of coloring dark hair. Hair is painted in a gentle manner, often without the use of foil. The technology of melirovaniya complex, it is trusted only by a highly qualified master. Strands of different widths are painted in several shades (from dark to golden to golden), stretching the color from the darker on the roots to the light at the tips. The result is a three-dimensional hairstyle that shimmers with golden glare, the transitions between shades are blurred and almost invisible.

1. The American way of melioration (or foil staining) is great for dark long hair. American meling has a lot of options, with the help of it you can create an extravagant hairstyle, playing with unusual shades, and create a natural game of highlights, as if the strings themselves burned in the sun. The hairdress in this case turns out alive and volume. For this kind of melioration, the master selects 2-4 shades of paint that match your hair color, applies them to individual strands and wraps them in foil. The more shades used for coloring, the more beautiful and richer the hair looks.

2. If you have dark hair of medium length, you can make a highlight with a cap (feathers) . Individual strands are pulled through the holes of the cap in a checkerboard pattern and lightened to the desired shade. Then the strands can be shaded in any chosen shade.

3. Hair glazing (hand marking) is suitable only for short hair, up to 15 cm in length. When glazing, the master applies a lightening paint only to the ends of the strands with a special brush. Light light patches on the tips of hair refresh your hair, make it brighter and more spacious.

Magi Contrast - a modern method of hair styling with persistent dyes, which is ideal for owners of dark hair. This method allows you to quickly brighten individual strands and at the same time give them a bright, rich hue that will retain the color depth for a long time.

Coloring is a popular way of coloring hair among young girls. Coloring allows you to mix a few bright colors in your hair. To create a more restrained, classical hairstyle, strands are painted in dark, red and light shades.

A more original and bold solution - the coloring of individual strands in violet, blue. Using a coloring gel, you can create an extravagant hairstyle for only one evening - to a disco or carnival, and then easy to wash off.

Partial melioration of dark hair . Young fashionistas who do not want to expose their hair to persistent chemical dyes may find themselves in partial coloring, for example, lighten the thin strands on the bangs, or make bright colored patches on the upper strands with toning balms or mascara. Thus, you can change your image without harming your hair, almost every day.

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