Venetian hair styling

To date, the method of melting "in Venetian" is a rich and interesting combination of shades, compared with the usual effect of sunburn on hair. Painted locks are capable to amaze with wealth of semitones and shades. Due to inconspicuous transitions from light tone to dark, a visual increase in the volume of hair occurs.

Lemon and platinum shades alternate in Venetian melting. They are especially advantageous when they highlight hair of coffee, cognac and chocolate shades.

After the Venetian highlighting, the hairstyle looks as natural as possible. This coloration does not require a lot of time.

The great advantage is that bleaching hair in a Venetian manner is the safest for hair, because when painting, do not use special paper and foil, under which the hair is too burnt. In addition, the composition of the paint is beeswax, which is very useful for hair.

Venetian highlighting on dark hair

Venetian melirovanie on dark hair looks like a kind of creative disgrace, tk. with a similar technique of discoloration, the strands are chosen unevenly, in a chaotic manner.

In the process of Venetian melioration of dark hair, it is extremely important to observe a smooth transition of colors. otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect.

A similar method of dyeing hair is great for burning brunettes, which avoid full discoloration of the strands . In addition, for today it looks not so actual, after all in the present season the natural image in all uses.

On dark hair, the following shades look best: cognac, chocolate, honey and sand. They can be used singly and in combination with each other.

Also, the Venetian highlighting of dark hair looks great on hairstyles of any length.

Venetian highlighting on blond hair

If you want to make a Venetian highlight on your blonde hair, you'll have to color the main part of your hair in a darker tone, and add a beautiful light shade to the individual strands with the help of cream paint.

Note to the fair-haired girls: with the Venetian melioration, the result may be more intense than expected. This effect will not be the face of every fair sex. If contrasting colors suit you, then this effect can refresh and rejuvenate the face.

With the help of Venetian melioration on light hair, you can achieve a fashionable volumetric effect, if you use several colors. Thus, it will be possible to achieve a better effect of burnt hair , which will look natural and natural.

The main color may not be caramel , but a darker color. Thus, the final result will be most noticeable. We will include chocolate, nut, and other similar tones in the winning shades.

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