Colors and shades of hair

Fashionable hair color - 2018

Fashion in the field of color is constantly moving forward. Every year, surprise the surrounding people with an unusual color, everything is more complicated. However, the fashion is still natural shades, soft color transitions

Naming hair colors with a photo

Before you buy a fashionable hair dye, or explain to the barber the color of your dreams, you need to determine exactly the name of the shade you like. A catalog of hair colors with names will help you make the right choice.

Color of hair blond: a palette of fashionable shades

Taking into account the current fashion trends, for any girl you can pick up a certain shade of blondes, which will make her image unsurpassed and, importantly, natural.

Chestnut color of hair: fashionable shades

Chestnut shades of hair always look fashionable, bright and feminine. A rich palette of chestnut - from frosty light brown to warm chocolate allows you to choose the perfect shade for any girl.

A palette of brown hues

The palette of brown shades is very rich. These are noble colors that emphasize sophistication and natural beauty. Brown tones can be both cold and warm, bright and tender.

Ashy hair: the image of a snow queen

Ashen color is chosen by noble girls, who prefer the classical image. Ashy light shades do not look too bright, emphasize femininity and tenderness. This color will never go out of fashion, as it reminds us of the classic image of aristocrats.

Dirty blonde: fashion trend - 2018

Under the unattractive name of the shade "dirty blond" is hidden onions from fashion gloss, which did not have time to become massive - and therefore, will be able to emphasize your uniqueness.

Chocolate hair color: a palette of fashion shades

Chocolate shades will give a bright fashion image to girls with dark hair color. In a variety of palette of chocolate shades include both cold and warm colors from light "milk" chocolate to dark "bitter."

Caramel hair color: femininity and brightness

Seductive caramel does not go out of fashion for several years. It is very bright, warm, "tasty" shade, it gives the girl tenderness, femininity and brightness. However, when staining the hair in caramel, some difficulties may arise.

Wheat hair: natural tenderness

Wheat hair is a noble shade, which is preferred by mongo blondes. This is a natural, borrowed from the natural shade of "cold gold", which radiates femininity, lightness.

Natural blond: classic femininity

The natural blond hair color from antiquity was associated with the Slavic appearance. It is a beautiful natural color that looks gentle and noble. Light brown color can be advised as a business lady, and a romantic young girl with a cold color appearance.

Redhead: play on the contrasts!

Red-haired beauties are constantly in the center of attention in the representatives of the male half of humanity. Sunlight shines curls give the image of playfulness and mystery. Red - the best choice for energetic, self-confident individuals.

Copper hair color: originality and brilliance

Copper hair color is suitable for sunny girls with a warm color appearance. This is a very bright, bold shade that will set you apart from the crowd, will make you unlike others. This magnificent shade is quite capricious, as it is not for everyone. Often, he emphasizes the lack of appearance.

Honey shades: create a warm gentle image

Honey shades of hair carry the breath of warmth, freshness, spring. This is the perfect color for girls with light golden skin and hair. Honey shades are quite diverse, so you can please both brave and determined girls, and quiet modest women.

Golden hair: tips on coloring

Golden hair color gives the girl a fairy-tale image of a princess. This is a very gentle, feminine shade, which at all times was considered one of the fashion trends. It can be called the standard of female beauty and attractiveness.

Black hair color: how to get a beautiful shade

Every woman wants to change her image from time to time. To give your appearance a vivid note of expressiveness and sexuality, you can, for example, color the curls in black and become a hot, brunette beauty.

Red hair: a variety of shades

Brilliant copper, rich burgundy, and between them - one of the richest palettes: all shades of red hair. Sometimes every woman wants changes, and she always finds her tone in this palette.

The color of the hair is green - it's bold and fashionable!

Extravagant hair color - the best way to attract attention. Green hues of hair become one of the most fashionable of the exclusive palette of flowers.

Hair coloring Loreal Luo Color: a palette of shades

Luo Color paint from L'Oreal has the widest palette of colors - from arctic blond to luxurious black, from pastel light brown to charming red, from bright chestnut to soft golden.

  • Dark hair color
  • Light hair color: tips for coloring, care for blond hair


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