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Hair coloring Ratush

In the arsenal of modern hair stylists there is a new super technology for coloring hair, called the beautiful word "shatush".

Shatush simulates natural burnout of hair. Thus, the beautiful owners of the weaker sex had the opportunity to remain in the guise of a beauty who had just returned from the south with sun-light hair.

Technique of dyeing hair "Shatush"

At the heart of this staining technique lies melioration without the use of foil, in the open air. The hair is colored with small strands with a root indent. The margin of the indentation master smooths by combing each strand.

The paint is applied unevenly, creatively and in chaotic order with a special brush along the entire length of the hair. At the final stage, toning is performed in order to give the hair a natural look without a sudden change in color.

Who is suitable for painting the "Shatush"

It is very effective to color hair stoup to correct unsuccessful melioration. It ideally hides any defects, and also masks gray hair. Smooth transition of the shade after staining by the rocket method excellently hides the growing roots after the previous staining.

Shatush on medium and short hair

Stain can be done on hair of any length. Very attractive look trendy hairstyles and beads on medium hair with clarified tips. If we consider the merits and demerits of this technique, you can see that the shortcomings are still poorly understood, because the technology itself has appeared recently. It can only be noted that the shatush is not suitable for everyone: on blond hair the effect does not turn out so expressive.

Coloring the Chapel on Blond Hair

Blonde beauties can also experience this fashionable novelty, but in order for the result to be effective, you will need to darken the locks at the roots slightly. Blondes are more suited to Californian melioration , according to the advice of many hairdressers. There is a limitation for the shatusha and the length of the hair, that is, short hair is especially not suitable for this technique. The best coloring for "burnout" is to use long and medium-length hair.

Advantages of staining "Shatush"

The dachshunds have much more merit. Such coloring occurs much faster than, say, any classical method of at least one-color staining, even the simplest melioration. Since the hair is painted "outdoors" without the use of a cap and foil under the strands, the whole procedure takes no more than 40 minutes to achieve the desired effect. It is known that the paint works under such conditions less intensively, but the stylist has the ability to control the process without hindrance and immediately after the shade needs to be washed off the paint for further styling.

There is a shatush method and one excellent advantage. It is that between coloring, you can make large breaks. Growing hair will not look neat, but on the contrary, no one will notice. An experienced stylist-hairdresser will perform staining using the shatush method so that the repeated procedure will be required no earlier than two to three months.

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