The effect of burnt hair

Add extra volume to the hair, refresh the color without harm to the hair can be achieved with the help of gentle melioration , which will give the hairdress a fashionable effect of burnt hair. To make uneven lightening is possible under direct sunlight, but on the other hand the desired result will be much easier to get by contacting a professional hairdresser. To create such an effect in salons, the technique of stoletas is most often used, as well as the California highlights .

Benefits of burned-out hair

- Overgrown roots with this staining are almost not visible, so that the overall impression of the hairstyle will not spoil the longest time;

- Being exposed not to deep staining, ringlets are not processed all, therefore the given actions practically in any way do not affect health of your hair;

- Smooth transition from light to dark shades significantly refreshes the image, creating the illusion of thicker hair;

- With really burnt hair, special care, recovery and nutrition are necessary;

The effect of burnt hair can be created with the help of bronzing. Bronzing looks very voluminous due to the combination of several shades, the image turns out to be very stylish and natural.

The effect of burnt hair using the Shatush technique

Shatush is a coloring, which is a kind of melioration. The technique of styling Shatush helps to give hair a light burnout effect, while preserving the maximum natural color of your curls. In the process of staining, conventional devices such as foil and cap are not used, because the composition is applied to large strands. The master paints hair in an arbitrary order, tk. in this case, there are no clear rules and the main condition is the observance of the principle of asymmetry.

California highlights

Using this technique, the master gets almost unlimited possibilities for creating a unique image. Hairstyle after the completion of staining takes on the effect of burnt strands, and also becomes more expressive. The transition from a dark shade to a light color gives the locks a natural living appearance. The width of vertically clarified strands can be completely different.

The effect of burnt hair in the home

At home, creating this effect will require the presence of all the necessary devices, while it is important to observe the following staining rules:

- Strands need to be separated in staggered order, about 2 cm wide;

- Having slightly combed the strands, it is necessary to apply a light-colored paint;

- In the process of staining, paint is applied with light strokes, while the brush should only touch lightly on the hair;

- Create a natural effect will allow uneven application.

Another method of applying paint can be used. First you need to braid not tight spikelets and then hold along the curls with a brush with paint, avoiding a strong depression. As a result, the colored strands are broad and at the same time maximally natural.

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