Ways of lightening hair

How to remove yellowness from the hair?

Many believe that blonde hair is the standard of femininity and beauty. However, a natural blonde by nature today - this is already a rarity. Therefore very often to find a beautiful light shade it is necessary to resort to lightening of hair.

Ways of lightening hair

Lightening of light brown hair . Natural brown hair can have a variety of shades: dark golden, platinum, pale-red, ashy, etc. This hair color can easily be repainted in lighter shades, without causing them any particular harm. Let's consider several ways of lightening the blond hair.

Natural ways of lightening hair

If you want to revitalize the color a little and preserve the health of your hair, use natural means of clarification , for example decoction of chamomile, rhubarb, lemon, honey.

A little refreshing color without harm to the hair will help clarifying shampoo . For stronger clarification or for discoloration, use hydrogen peroxide. The finer hair is lightest. Than hair is thinner, the less you need a clarifying composition.

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Brightening with the help of highlights

To give hair an additional volume and depth of color is possible with the help of highlights . This way of lightening the hair is considered sparing. Especially good looks melirovanie on cascading haircuts . Meliring can be advised and natural blondes. This will give your hair a brightness, volume and originality.

Light brown hair is amenable to clarification with the help of persistent cream paints. Modern paints are enriched with herbal ingredients, which ensure a gentle color and even color.

Ways to lighten dark and red hair

Dark, hard and thick hair is difficult to brighten. With an unprofessional approach to lightening dark hair, you can "earn" serious damage to the hair and scalp. Brunettes better to abandon the strong lightening of hair.

Dark hair can not be repainted in a light shade with cream paint without prior discoloration .

When lightening red hair, a dirty copper shade is often obtained. If red hair is painted with reddish paints or henna, when lightening, they get a light orange color. To get rid of yellowness on the clarified hair will help ottenochnye balms .

Clarification and bleaching of hair with hydrogen peroxide

The most effective way to lighten dark hair is hydrogen peroxide. With the help of it you can:

  • Lightly refresh the natural color of the hair;
  • lighten hair (even with a large percentage of gray hair) by two, three or even four tones;
  • discolour the hair for subsequent coloring in light shades.
  • Clarifiers for hair can be on an oil base, as well as in the form of powder and cream. Oily and creamy agents include in their composition substances that enhance the clarifying effect of peroxide several times.

    Painted hair, especially very dark, gives in to lightening with great difficulty. The clarification process can take from 30 minutes to 1.5-2 hours. Hair at the same time can acquire an unexpected shade - from greenish to orange. In this case, the hair can be dyed with cream-paint in nut, light chestnut or any other color.

    Remember: bleaching hair is a complex chemical process that destroys the structure of the hair. Despite the fact that many modern paints contain caring vegetable components, the hair after bleaching becomes thinner, becomes dry and brittle. Therefore, after blond hair, it is necessary to conduct a course of restorative treatment with the help of special preparations and home masks . Do not lighten hair immediately after a perm.

    How to lighten your hair. The process of discoloration of hair

    1. To lighten the hair, you must first prepare a discolouring composition according to the instructions.

    2. Two-thirds of the paint evenly distributed on unwashed dry hair.

    3. Apply the product along the entire length and on the tips, and leave the hair roots dry.

    4. After 10 minutes, apply the rest of the paint to the roots of the hair.

    The exposure time of the paint is indicated in the instructions. It still depends on the desired degree of clarification. Rinse your hair well with water, then wash your hair with shampoo.

    We remove yellowness from clarified hair

    If you lighten the hair at home, there is a high probability of an unsightly yellow shade. Specially designed toning balms will help to remove the yellowness. Pay attention to the "silver shampoos", they contain a purple pigment that neutralizes yellowness.

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