Shampoo for shampoo: how to choose and how to use it

Each woman, from time to time, thinks about changing the color of her hair, because strands tend to fade, burn out or color banal bothers. And women so want to change and look always faultless. But hair dye, even the most expensive and sparing, will inevitably lead to unpleasant consequences for the scalp and ringlets, and the result may turn out not quite expected. The fastest and most gentle way to change hair color is using a shade of shampoo.

Advantages of color shampoos

Shampoo shades have a lot of advantages over chemical hair dyes. Such remedies can revitalize the natural color of hair, giving the strands extra shine , brightness and well-groomed appearance. As part of shade shampoos contain caring ingredients: essential oils, vitamins , pigmentary substances that do not penetrate the inside of the hair, but only envelop it on all sides with the finest film, restoring and strengthening damaged strands . Qualitative shade tonic shampoos do not contain oxidants and ammonia, which can damage the structure of the hair.

Choose a shade shampoo

From all the variety of shades, you need to choose the means that corresponds to your color and type of hair , and also as much as possible meeting the set goals. It is recommended to purchase a shade that is as close to your natural hair color as possible in order to get a perfect result and take care of the health of your hair. If you dream to radically change the color of your hair, but beware that the color does not suit you, then try on the new image with a shade of the desired color shade.

Blondes and fair-haired young ladies should choose a means of light shades. If you want to get rid of yellowness of the strands , then choose shampoos with a purple and blue pigment ("Silver blond", "Ash blond", etc.).

Owners of dark and red curls will suit any color, depending on the result, which you plan to achieve. You can make your own shade more expressively by choosing a shade of "tone-to-tone" shampoo. To give the locks a golden glow, you can use a tool for light hair. To get a beautiful copper shade, you should choose a red or red tone.

How correctly to use shade shampoo?

First, wear protective gloves, which are usually included in the kit. Then you need to wet your hair well and dry it with a towel. We apply a small amount of shading on the strands and evenly distribute it in circular motions along the entire length, paying special attention to the tips. Cover the head with a cap or a towel and stand the product for several minutes, according to the instructions. If the color is not as intense as we would like, then the procedure can be repeated.

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