Hairstyle "Babette"

Hairstyle babetta became a symbol of 60-70-xx years of the twentieth century, received its name after the main character of the movie "Babette goes to war," which was played by the magnificent Brigitte Bardot. But do not think that it has remained in the distant past - babbeta is actual today, continuing to remain one of the most feminine and elegant hairstyles. The guarantee of its popularity lies in the fact that such a styling is perfectly combined with an evening exquisite dress and a stylish skirt, with a seductive blouse and a strict business suit. There is nothing more elegant and bold at the same time than a magnificent fleece in combination with an open neck and shoulder line, giving the image of a woman an inimitable fragility and zest, charm and style.

As a rule, the hairdress of a babette is modeled on long hair, since before laying curls in an elegant roller, they need to be combed properly. And an additional "plus" of the hairstyle is that it allows the presence of any smooth bangs.

Babette is a "canonical" hairstyle, modeled in a rigid framework, so her form does not change. But hairdressers and stylists like to show their imagination, offering to decorate the roller with hairpins, hairpins, ribbons. But if you want to make the styling truly royal, the babette should be complemented with a wreath, a bow made of smooth hair, a tiara, or a small crown. Such variations allow women of fashion to experiment and experiment again in search of their own hairstyle.

Babette at home

Women of the 60's could make a babetta blindfolded, and in this sense, modern ladies could learn from them, especially since the hairstyle is really too complicated to perform. Let's try to describe the order of actions step-by-step.

First of all, you should wash your hair with shampoo, treat it with balm, smooth the strands, apply styling mousse and blow dry with a hairdryer. Then the upper front strands of hair (from the temple and up to the temple, from the crown to the forehead) are separated.

The rest of the hair is removed back and twisted into a traditional shell, fixed with pins.

And now, on the previously left curls you need to make the hair from the roots and to the ends of the hairpin. Do not be afraid to make a large volume, because it is not only a "trick" of this hairstyle - nap is its basis (by the way, to make it larger, hair can be pre-screwed with large hair curlers, warming up the hairdryer to increase fixation).

The combed strands are formed in the roller and fixed at the very top of the shell with the help of ordinary invisible hairpins and hairpins and slightly combed - this will give the babette a more accurate and refined look, after which the hairdress is treated with a varnish, perhaps shiny.

Babette is perfect for all women. The classic variation looks great on oval faces, and babbetta with a bang, starting at the very top, will smooth out the sharp lines of the diamond-shaped and triangular face. The square face can also be adjusted with a bang, however, it is better that it is not luxuriant, and rare - thus, the cheekbones and chin are not heavier, and the overextended face can be visually "expanded" by using a not too pronounced fleece (this is done, rather, not for babette, but for a shell or a twist) and an asymmetrical bang. But the owner of the round face is recommended to complement the bang several, issued on the sides of the face of the strands, which perfectly hide the excessively fullish cheeks.

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