Hairstyle "Bant" from the hair

Do you like being feminine and constantly in the spotlight? So, the haircut "Bant of Hair" - this is exactly what must certainly adorn your head! By the way, this stylish hairstyle does not require any accessories, but it's easy.

Ready to try? So!

In the place where you will soon have a bow, tie a neat tail-loop. Divide this loop into two parts, and stretch the tail between them. At the end, fix the tip of the tail at its base. That's all!

But the basic "Bantik of the hair" is performed a little longer. We give a detailed instruction of its weaving:

How to make a hairdo bunt out of hair

1. Collect on the crown or back of the head (where you like it better), tighten with an elastic band.

2. On the surface of the tail, separate the strand 1.5-2 cm wide, drop it on the forehead. After that, fasten the string near the bottom of the tail, five centimeters from it, with the help of invisible.

3. Now take the second rubber band and put it on the middle of the tail.

4. The hair between the two elastic bands is divided in half, bend, and fasten invisible both gums. We will get two halves ("ears") of our future bow.

5. The ends of strands that hang from the second gum, you need to twist the tourniquet and stick it into one of the "ears". Secure them with a stud.

6. Now you can remember about the prick, thrown on the forehead. Turn it to the side of the nape (not removing the invisible!) - this will hide both gum. Secure it with an invisible bit lower than the rubber band so that the cord does not slip.

7. Twist the tip of the strand with a bundle and hide in the second "ear".

8. The final touch is to fluff both halves of the bow. By the way, before weaving hair we can treat hair with mousse or foam, this will make them more docile. And that the hair did not disintegrate, at the end, sprinkle it with varnish.

Bant hair on short hair

"Bantik" can be made even for short hair. True, with such a hairdo you have to pee. But if you do not get such beauty, do not get upset, because you can decorate yourself with a hair clip made in the form of a bow of hair. Such decoration will cost two dollars or so, and it can be selected for any, even a very rare shade of hair - blue, purple, mint and other youth colors.

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