Hairstyle "Flower"

One of the most effective and going to any woman a hairstyle is, according to stylists, the hairdo Flower, which can be done on long hair. It perfectly complements the most diverse images - from the cold Snow Queen to the passionate predator, and will perfectly blend in with the evening gown.

At the heart of the Flower's hairdo, simple braids of three strands are used which every woman can braid.

How to make a haircut "Flower"

So, you need to take a regular hair band and thread it into the hairpin. Then gently gather the hair in the tail, sprinkle abundantly with lacquer, fix the prepared rubber band so that the stud is bitten from below the tail. The finished tail should be divided into three parts. Two parts of hair - are fixed by hairpins, and the third, it is necessary to take in hands and slightly to refresh a varnish.

After that, this part of the hair is divided into three strands, which you need to comb carefully, pulling out a little, and plunge into a regular, not too tight braid, trying to make it as flat as possible. The end of the braid is tightened with a thin, chemically elastic band.

After the pigtail is ready, on the right side of it you need to pull the strings, and so that first grab the strand that is at the bottom of the tail, and then - the strands that are below (and so - until the tip itself). By the way, the first strand should be stretched as much as possible, the second one - a little less, the third - even less, and so, in descending order. And at the end of the work - a drop of lacquer.

The same treatment will need to process the remaining two parts of the hair.

When the braids are ready, take the tip of the right and turn to the base in a circle. Visually, it should resemble an open flower, which must be properly fixed with hairpins. The next step - with an average oblique we weave our "flower" along the clockwise arrow and hide the tip, fixing it with hairpins. Similarly, we arrive with the last free scythe. As a result, a large, exotic flower blossoms on the back of the head.

Final touches - we fix the plaited braids, and once again lacquer. By the way, the hair of the flower looks great with accessories in the form of a cluster of small flowers, located on the side of the outer braid or with hairpins decorated with rhinestones that will flicker in the braids, like dew drops.

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