Business hairstyle for medium hair

business hairstyle for medium hair Compliance with the dress code from their employees requires an increasing number of employers. For women - this is often a strict suit or dress-case. The business style in clothing also requires compliance with certain rules in make-up and creating a hairstyle.

If it comes to hair, then they must be carefully cleaned. This not only supports the image of a business lady, but still is a very practical hairstyle option.

The usual bundle comes first in this case. But you can do something more refined, while also corresponding to the business style.

The hair style presented below does not require special stylist skills. It is very simple to perform, while allowing the girl to shine in any office.

If you decorate it with additional decorative elements, it will turn into an evening version.

Business hairstyle for medium hair: a step-by-step master class

1. On the vertex (as high as possible), choose two identical strands. They should be tightened. Each is directed inside.
2. Now twist both strands together in a tight tourniquet.
3. On the right side select the strand. As if we were spinning a French braid.
4. Wind the strand on our tourniquet. The coils are located close to each other. We calculate their number so that the curl ends at the base of the neck.
5. Repeat the operations with the strand from the opposite side.
6. Choose strands and wind them on the harness alternately. Left, right. We continue until we reach the base of the neck.
7. The bottom few strands are very close to each other, so that a peculiar cocoon of hair turns out.
8. We turn it up, we remove it under the hair and fix it with stilettos or invisible ones.

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