Hairstyle "Diadem"

Diadem is an excellent solution for creating almost any image: romantic, wedding, classic or even extravagant. As a rule, such an accessory serves as a decoration for a finished hairstyle.

The diadem is most often used as a supplement to the wedding or graduation party. It will also look good at a gala reception or a corporate party.

In this case, the diadem differs universality, since it is suitable for any hair color, make-up, eye shade, dress style. As a rule, such an ornament is bought after choosing a dress or bundled with it.

Variety of hairstyles with a diadem for the bride

How to choose and create an original hairstyle for a bride with a diadem? A few tips from the stylist:

- The simpler the outfit, the easier it is to choose a hairstyle. One of the options that can be offered as an addition to a modest wedding dress is a hairstyle in the so-called "Greek style", that is, loose or slightly gathered hair and decorated with a diadem;

- The hair is best to fix well, but do not be too tight not to create discomfort to its owner, as brides have to wear them for a long time;

- The choice of hair and veils depends on the time of the year, when it is planned so important in the life of each event. If this is autumn, for which the variability of the weather is characteristic, then it is best to prefer a light diadem and take off the veil for the duration of the walk;

- Short hair is not an excuse for giving up an accessory like a diadem. She can decorate any haircut, making, for example, the hairdress "Malvina" or remove the hair in the "shell".

Hairdress with a diadem on her hair

Hair with a diadem looks equally good on hair of different lengths. It can be just loose straight hair or flirtatious curls, as well as hair raised upstairs.

Choosing a hairstyle also depends on the type of veil. With a single-tiered wedding veil, a complex hairstyle with additional accessories, for example, flowers, ribbons, rhinestones or pearls, will look great. The more magnificent two-tiered veil itself looks quite festive, so, on the contrary, it does not require too complex a haircut.

Evening hairstyles with a diadem

Today, the fair sex is incredibly lucky that they have a huge space for their imagination and may not be limited to choosing only one particular style of hairstyle. Modern trends in fashion allow you to use classics, romantic, extravagant, elegant, ethno-style. In this case, even for many podnadoevshie hairstyles, like "waves" or "French" braids, you can play in a new way. For example, decorating them with a diadem. Also very popular today is the retro style. For example, hairstyles, with soft curly ringlets, which can be decorated with the same diadem.

Thus, a diadem is a universal decoration that will complement any hairstyle.

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