Haifre Hairstyle: Rules and Tricks

Hairstyle is a simple way to diversify your everyday image

Are you tired of the usual haircut, and you want to radically change your image? And, perhaps, just dream to surprise others with the original styling for the holiday? Then make the corrugation. This hairstyle has a lot of advantages.

First of all, it's done quite easily: on even hair with a special ironing with corrugated plates, and the effect persists for a long time. Thus, you can give your hair extra volume, which is important. Gofre is small or large, looks like ordinary chemistry. They can arrange individual strands or completely curl all the hair. And with the help of additional attachments with corrugated patterns in the form of hearts, butterflies or flowers, your hairstyle certainly will make a real sensation.

Of course, to make the corrugation over the entire head at home, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy, especially on thick hair. In addition, do not forget about the damage of thermal exposure. However, today you can meet advanced models of ironing with protection from overheating or the function of ionizing hair. Of great importance is the coating of the plates themselves. The most qualitative is the ceramic coating, which heats up faster and less harm to the hair.

How do I make corrugated myself at home?

First you need to connect the iron to the mains. Then take a strand of hair and place it between the corrugated plates. Hold and hold for about 10 seconds. Then we do the same procedure with other strands. So, the hair is ready!

Making corrugated board: useful tips

There are a number of requirements that must be followed to get the desired result:

- all actions must be carried out slowly and in stages;

- The hair should be clean and completely dry, so as not to spoil their structure, acting with hot plates;

- before proceeding to corrugating the hair, they must be carefully combed and apply a special protective spray, as well as mousse for styling;

- the more luxurious a hairdo is planned, the less should be the strands and vice versa;

- to get the maximum volume of hair, hair is picked up by ironing almost at the roots;

- to achieve a "wet" effect and get a more precise contour, experts recommend that before crimping, apply a foam or special composition for styling to the hair.

Corrugation and length of hair

Depending on the length of hair with the help of small or the reverse of a large corrugation, different effects can be obtained. In particular, on hair having an average length it is best to make a large or medium corrugation, which forms very soft and smooth lines. Small brushes can make hair too lush.

Corrugate short hair should be done with great care. The best corrugation is best for this. But the fine corrugation can be done only on the hair with a soft structure of curls, otherwise you can get a sloppy look of hair.

Those who have long hair, were the most fortunate. For them, you can use any attachment, corrugate over the entire length or individual strands, and also draw a rather complex hairstyle. For example, to make the corrugation in a staggered order, which will look quite original. Or to collect hair in a pony tail and to corrugate in it only separate locks.

Thus, the haircut of the corrugation is an ideal way to diversify your appearance in the home. At what, such a hairstyle will suit every woman, regardless of the length and structure of her hair.

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