Greek hairstyle with bandage

One of the easiest ways to make quick laying is a Greek hairstyle with a bandage. To make it you will need a few minutes, but its appearance will say that you spent a lot of time.

Greek hair is appropriate in various circumstances. With it you will attract attention to yourself in both business and everyday situations. It can become part of the image, and you can also build the whole image around it.

Who is the Greek hairstyle suitable for?

Thanks to the inherent versatility, these hairstyles suit absolutely everything. It does not depend on the age, nor on the type of person or figure .

Best of all, the Greek hair looks on curly hair, because the climate of Greece largely determines the curliness of Greek women. But do not despair if your locks are straight from nature. Thanks to special tools you can easily beautifully curl your hair and achieve the desired effect. Do not forget to help out and fashion trends. Due to their variability, the modern interpretation of this hairstyle is far from the standard, often it is performed on straight hair.

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage

The Greek hairstyle is very easy to create, but you still need some things. This is the most important part of the image - the bandage. In case of absence, it can be replaced no worse by a scarf. With it, it will be easier to handle if your hair is obedient, and easy to lay down. If the hair is unruly, then you can use the hairpins. 10 pieces you should quite suffice, but it is better to focus on the volume. Also, you need a varnish, which will help to finally complete the created image.

Let's start creating a haircut

1. The first thing you need to do is put on a bandage. Do this carefully so as not to tangle your hair.

2. It is better if you are without a bang , but if it is, then it can be profitable to beat and give the finished image a bit of romance.

3. The next step is to refill the hair. It's not worth hurrying here. Everything should be done gradually. First, you need to fill small strands on the sides, and only then go to the main mass. Fill the remaining hair with an elastic band, and then distribute them along the entire length.

4. Everything, your Greek hair is ready. Now you can decorate it. Depending on the situation, you can use berry, flower and other decorative elements.

To your hair always turned out the first time and looked natural, you need to adhere to some rules. Here are the most basic.

1. The dressing should not be very tight, otherwise you will not only leave a mark on your forehead, but also earn a headache.

2. For a Greek hairstyle, hair that is stretched out with iron is not suitable. In this form they will not be able to take the necessary form and will only bring inconvenience.

3. You do not need to make a hairdress symmetrical, because the whole thing is negligence. It is this detail that is relevant for the last few years.

4. The dressing should not be on the forehead, but be located on the hair growth line, otherwise instead of the refined hairdo you will make a ridiculous styling.

If you do everything right, you should get a laid-back laying that will attract the views of others, and for a few moments you will be reincarnated as an ancient Greek goddess.

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