Hairstyle "Gulka": styling options

A simple, but at the same time fashionable hairdo that is suitable for both medium and long hair, has now become very popular due to the practicality and speed of the styling.

Gulk can be made any, to taste or style of clothing - low or high, disheveled or smooth, located on the side or strictly in the center. The basis for a pebble may be a tourniquet, a tail or a pigtail. In general, with the creation of such a hairdo, you can experiment for a very long time, creating a shovel for any occasion. It is thanks to such a boring hair style that fell in love with modern youth.

Hairstyle "Smooth Bee"

The neat version of the hairstyle is a smooth pebble. It will have to be done at a grand opening, and it's easy to create it. Collect the hair in a ponytail (use a smoothing serum and a wide comb). At will, you can make a parting - but it is not necessary. Next, put a round roller on the tail, distribute the hair along its entire circumference, tucking in the tips. All!

Hairstyle "Disheveled Bubble"

Well, the disheveled pebbles are already an option for an ordinary walk (for example, a hike with friends in the cinema). This stylish hairstyle is done in two ways. First: wash your hair, curl your hair a little, without combing it. After that, collect them in a careless tail, and wrap the ends of the hair around the gum. While the hair does not dry up completely, it may seem that they need to be combed - but wait for the hair to dry completely, then the hair will appear to you much more carefully without the intervention of the comb. The second way is more familiar to us. Around the gum should wrap a flagellum of hair or a pigtail, the ends of the hide to hide under the shingle and fasten the studs.

Hairstyle "Volumetric Bubble"

A volumetric shingle is also suitable for an evening out. Supplement it with a beautiful flower, a barrette with stones - and be irresistible.

If you - the owner of fine hair, you can try to create a bun, hiding a hair roller under the hair. He will help make a refined, magnificent setting.

If you want to try on a podium image or a starry bow, make a bun! This season, celebrities have shown us that this laying can be done not only for convenience during home cleaning, but also as a fussing hairstyle for a grand exit.

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