Hairstyle "Heart" for Valentine's Day

Hairstyle The heart is extremely elegant, very effective, original, and also versatile, as it can decorate not only the head of a pretty girl, but also a mature, stylish woman. It is usually made of braided braids or flagella, created from medium and long hair. But the main advantage of laying is not even in its creative design, but rather in the ability for a long time to give the head a well-groomed and neat appearance.

Hairstyle The heart is very variable and each of its variations looks emphatically impeccable: the ready "heart" can be large, crowning the whole head in a royal way, or, conversely, not too large and located on the back of the neck, on the temple or on the crown. By the way, small hearts of the same size on the head can be several.

Hearts on the tail

There are many options for how to place a heart on the tail. It can be twisted from the braid and tied with an elastic band, or can be made with weaving.

Small "hearts"

In the hairstyle you can collect not only everything, but also a part of the hair or leave curls that make up the length, loose. They can be stretched "ironing" to give an ideal smoothness or, conversely, to put in large waves or rings (in a loose form this will look especially appropriate). Add some more creativity to your hairdo by using a variety of accessories: satin ribbons woven into a braid, studs with rhinestones, beads or flowers, decorative wide elastic bands, hairpins adorned with a large flower or abstraction.

Hairstyle Heart of harnesses

Another variation on the theme of the hairstyle is to form a "heart" not from braids, but from bundles wound with curls from fingers. Stacking the harnesses in the correct form is quite simple, just fix it on your head, and to fix the flagella it's best to use ordinary invisible ones.

A bundle in the form of a heart

This version of the hairstyle is not difficult to create with the help of hairpins, their heart-shaped pins. Suits a long-haired beauty of any age.

Hairstyle Heart braided from braids: a turn-based lesson

So, consider one of the options. Pigtails should be weaved according to the technology of "spikelets", and that the "heart" was in the center of the head, you need to comb your hair combed by straight parting. One of the parts (preferably the left one), it is necessary to assemble a clamp or an elastic band, and from the right strand - the braid of spikelets in such a way that it resembles a half heart contour.

We need to weave the spikes to the central part, so that the "heart" is completely located on the head, and the weaving of long hair ends at the level of the middle or earlobe. In the same way, you need to braid the second (bonded) half of the hair, trying to make the weaving symmetrical, otherwise the "heart" will turn out clumsy and ugly. The final touch will be to fix the bottom of the braid with a beautiful rubber band or hair clip. The tail should be combed and pulled out (if you want to make curls on the tail or use a curl that creates corrugated strands, use a simple, not too noticeable elastic band, since the main accent in this hairstyle is done in the braid pattern, and the rest of the details will prevent focusing on it).

Hairstyle of two hearts

To make two hearts, the hair should again be divided into an even natural part, and then from each halve it will be necessary to form two horse tall tails, fixed with regular (neutral in color and texture) elastic bands.

Start work better on the left side, where between the head and the tail should be slightly divided hair, forming a lumen in them. Through this hole it will be necessary to lower the tail upwards, turning it out, as if inside out. The modified tail is divided into halves, twisted by a tourniquet, and, the left part of a tail should be twisted against, and the right part - on a clockwise arrow. Finished flagella are formed in the "heart", and loose strands are laid with the help of a rubber band or a hair clip in the tail. The right side is also made out, of course, the fixing accessories should be the same. Pay attention, the symmetry of the tails and halves "heart" is the guarantee of its beauty, and, by the way, do not forget about the varnish - a couple of drops will securely fix the hair on the head and prolong its durability.

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