Hairstyles: The most fashionable options

If you follow the trendy video blogs or are signed to the bright fashionista's instagrams, then you do not need to tell what a fashionable hairstyle is.

Narrator-negligent, and at the same time gently feminine bow conquered all - from the stars of show business, such as Tina Karol, to fashion critics and any girls - female students, office ladies, young mothers. But if earlier such a hairstyle could be done to jump out into a store or a smoke break, now it is already in full force combined with evening dresses and exquisite ornaments.

Khan or half-bun

The hairstyle has one more name - Khan (from English Hun, which literally translates as "half a bunch" - half-bun). You can do it differently, depending on your mood. For example, he can stick out in the center of your head, or lie down, opening the ears; it can be "laid" on the back of the neck, releasing a free tip of the hair ... Anyway, the creation of this fashion image requires literally a couple of seconds of your time. And complex accessories are not necessary.

The basic version of a semicircle

Comb your hair. Separate the upper part and tie it with an elastic band. Create a volume on top of the head, helping yourself with a hand and / or a thin comb. From the selected upper hair, create a "bun" by winding a strand around the rubber band and holding it in this kind of invisible. You can add a flower or a beautiful hairpin to your hair. As for the remaining loose hair, they can be left as it is, but you can straighten, curl or slightly scratch.

The variant "ran out to coffee": gather hair on the vertex with an elastic band, wrapping it several times. During the creation of the last "broach" pass through the elastic not all the strand, but only half of it, forming a loop from the strand. This bow is suitable not only for the owners of long hair, but also for medium length.

Hairstyle half-bun: start to experiment!

Hairstyle is also good for creating classic, smooth hairstyles, and for a rebellious image. A loop or a bagel, a tall and understated beam, bright accessories or just a thin solid rubber band, straight strands or strong curls, pigtails - that's what you can "dilute" the basic half-pack. Best of all, this hairstyle is combined with curls - they, by the way, add hair +100 volume points.

Such a bow will appeal to girls who are bored with a bang - a half-bouquet will effectively hide overgrown hair. In addition, this hairstyle is the "best friend" of the owners of disobedient and curly locks.

Hairstyle of a half-pack on short hair

The minimum length for a half-pack is the hair to the ear. In this case, each strand is better to pull. Well, if you have a square or a bean on medium length, the Khan will look good with curls and curls.

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