Hairstyle "Tail"

Hairstyle tail at first glance may seem very simple, uncomplicated or even boring. However, it is worth spending a little more effort and time on creating a tail and fantasy, and the hair will be the main decoration of your image.

The main advantage of this type of hairstyle is that they look equally good at women of any age. The hair pulled back and an open face make the image younger and fresh. In addition, the tail hair will be appropriate in any situation. It can be done in the office, at a friendly party, and for a walk in the park. There are many variations of tail creation, consider the most popular of them.

The classic version is the tail on the back of the head. This hairstyle is universal and suitable for almost all types of face. Ideally, the hair should be absolutely straight. This effect can be achieved with ironing or a hair dryer and a flat comb. Take the brush and gently comb the hair from the face back and gather it on the back of the head. Smooth out the hair so that there are no cocks and bumps, and tie the tail with an elastic band. Fix the hair with a varnish.

Hairstyle Ponytail

One of the most fashionable and relevant in this season hairstyles - a pony tail, is perfect for both solemn events, and for parties with friends. Unlike the classical, for the horse's tail, the hair must be collected high on the crown. Very stylish look smooth, shiny, absolutely straight hair. Therefore, pull them out with an iron, then collect the hair in a high tail, smooth out any irregularities. Tie up the tail with an elastic band. If desired, the elastic band can be hidden by wrapping a lock of hair around it and securing it with invisibility. Apply gloss agent. To make this hairstyle more elegant and festive, twist the tip of the tail on a large curl and fix with a strong varnish lacquer.

Hairstyle Tail on the side

Add the image of originality, femininity and elegance will help the tail on its side. Curl hair with forceps with a large diameter, and collect the curls in a low light tail near one ear. You can fasten your hair with an elastic band, a hair clip or simply tie a beautiful ribbon. Too much hair is not necessary, let the tail be loose. So you will look romantic and easy.

The voluminous hairdo tail looks very bohemian. Here the main thing is to achieve an easy effect of negligence. The tips of the hair you can curl or leave straight, and the main emphasis is to make on the radical volume. Scrub the hair on the top of the roots, sprinkle a little with lacquer. Collect hair in a voluminous tail and fasten on the back of the head. Free a couple of strands from the face. Smooth the hair with a brush. If desired, you can decorate your hair with a beautiful hair clip.

Tails with tufts or pigtails look very original and romantic. This is an ideal date for a date. From the temples start to weave small pigtails or flagella. Connect them to the main mop of hair on the back of the head or the nock near the ear and tie the tail. If necessary, the flagella can be fixed with invisible or hairpins.

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If you are only dreaming of long curls, do not be discouraged. Such hairstyles can be made with an overlaid tail. This is a chignon with long locks, a pouch and a barrette at the base. To make a hairdress with a tail with a chignon is very simple. Collect your hair in a bundle and hide it in your inner pocket and plant the tail piece on the hairpin. To avoid force majeure, fix the hairpiece with hairpins. Hairstyle can be decorated with beautiful accessories for hair.

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