Hairstyle "Basket"

Here already which season one of the most popular hairstyles remains a braid basket. It is based on the French braid, which fits around the head and looks like a wicker basket. Such a hairstyle, surprisingly for many, is quite simple in execution. She has many ways of weaving and is suitable for almost all girls and women. The spit of the basket is an ideal option for a festive exit and for creating a daily image.

How to make a hairstyle "Basket"

Let's consider in more detail the step-by-step instructions for creating such a hairstyle.

To do this, you need a normal comb, invisible, hairpin, elastic and varnish for fixation. Before starting to weave the hair thoroughly comb and make an even part in the middle of the head. The technology is similar to creating an ordinary French braid, that is, adding a little hair to each strand, then to the right, then to the left. Begin the weaving from one temple, moving gradually to the back of the head. Similarly, weave the braid from another temple. After that, both braids are joined together and left either in the tail, or braided into a regular braid. You can also collect the hair in a bundle, gently hiding the tips underneath with the help of hairpins or invisible.

Variants of a hairdress "Basket"

There are a lot of variations on the theme of the hairdo. For example, an original scythe with a ribbon woven into it, and for a solemn event, you can choose a basket using the weaving technique in the form of a fish tail.

To create a similar hairstyle, the hair is divided into 4 equal parts with cross-cuts. The weaving starts from the left lower part, gradually moving upwards along the circle. The braid is made of two strands, alternately adding thin strips on each side. To give the volume of the strand, you must periodically straighten the strands of the main pigtail. When the spikelet dopteetsya along the entire length, it is laid on the back of the head in the shape of a flower and securely fixed with pins. The hairstyle is ready, prepare to hear a lot of compliments in your direction.

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