Hairstyle "Locks"

Is it possible to invent a hairstyle more feminine and romantic than curls? They are suitable for everyone, from tiny three-year old girls to adult women. Probably, there will not be a single girl who has never "tried" on herself one of the many hairstyles with the application of curls.

Curls on medium hair

What will help to create curls?

You can arm yourself with a curling iron, a round comb, hair curlers, a hair dryer with special attachments, and so on. Well, in order to prolong the "life" of your hair, fix it with mousse, varnish or other means with a similar effect.

Smooth curls - the favorite of fashion

Modern hairstyles with curls resemble little hairstyles, which were in vogue several years ago. First of all, the "structure" of the curls plays a role here - now they have become much more glamorous, more accurate. If you want to create such flawless curls (no matter - on long or short hair), you can go in different ways. For example, choose the mousse to give your hair smoothness. Or you can use forceps or a diffuser for your hair.

Want to create a hairstyle, known as smooth curls?

1. Slightly dry the washed hair with a hairdryer, then apply a gel with a soft texture. The main thing is that he does not glue the hair, but only gives them the right shape.

2. Pull out the hair with forceps, while twisting them slightly. The resulting curls must immediately be folded several times, and (until the hair has not had time to cool down) fix them with clamps.

3. Have all the strings made? Remove the clamps, and then comb the hair at the root.

4. Comb your hair, sprinkle with varnish. That's all!

From the mirror you will see a cabaret diva, ready to break the hearts of many enthusiastic admirers.

Locks on the side

A lot of Hollywood stars are released this season with this hair style. And by the way, this hairstyle adorns them not only on the red carpet, but also in the usual shopping trip. Curls on the side - this is another "bow" in retro style. By the way, such a hairstyle can be supplemented with oblique, wet styling (with curls) or fleece. Such a haircut will help very much, if right after work you will be in a hurry for a holiday - you do not have to change anything, because the curls on your side will be appropriate everywhere.

Do you only have a curling iron?

Before you start creating a hairdo, thoroughly wash your hair, after shampooing necessarily using conditioner - it will help after all the "machinations" of hair to stay bulky and shiny. Was it washed? And now dry your hair with a hair dryer (but not until the end), comb your hair well.

It's time to pick up a curling iron - by the way, the larger the diameter, the larger the curls. So, separate one strand to the left of the temple (all the strands should be uniform, along the hair growth line). We clamp the hair with a curling rod lower than the ear, we plow it down the strand, so that at the end only the tips are left clamped - and start winding the hair, but not to the end, and to the roots it remains free somewhere 15 cm. Hold the curl up slightly, the tongs and take them out. The first curl is ready - you do not need to stretch it, let it cool in this form.

Walking in a circle, curl as the rest of the hair. When all the wound strings have cooled down, gently treat each large curl with fingers with smaller fingers. Do not forget to shift individual thin strands between them - this will give the hair the effect of curly curls, and at the same time - naturalness.

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