New Year's Hairstyle - 2018

With the last blow of New Year's watches, our long-awaited guest will enter our homes - the Yellow Dog. To meet his honor by honor, going to the Christmas tree, make a bright and noticeable hairstyle. Color accessories, voluminous soft curls, sequins - all this will have a dog's liking, and you will be pleased.

New Year's hairstyles: a French waterfall with curls

Delicate, natural curls will be at the peak of fashion this season, therefore, as it is impossible by the way will be relevant at the New Year's celebration. Weaving in the style of the "French Waterfall" allows you to leave your hair loose and keep the volume.

Bulky braids on loose hair

Embroider a piece of hair in a fashionable braid, fan it and create an effect of slight negligence. This image now enjoys great popularity among women of fashion.

New Year's hairdo - 2018: partial weaving

Put some hair in your hair, and lower your hair and curl it. A feminine and gentle image is guaranteed to you! Complement the hair accessories festive.

New Year's Hairstyles with Rhinestones 2018

Decorate your hairstyle with rhinestones - they will give an image of magic, brilliance and radiance. It's time to include your imagination and go to the creative process. Acquire for the New Year's Eve hairpins with rhinestones, diadem, hair clips, bezels.

New Year's shine in the hair

Achieve a magical shine of hair on New Year's Eve will help special shiny threads for hair, as well as rhinestones on the line. They have long been popular with women of fashion, so they can be purchased not only in salons, but also in specialized stores.

New Year's Hairstyles - 2018 with curls

If the length of your hair is below your shoulders, you seem to be created for romantic curls . After all, this trend again takes a leading position on the catwalks.

Buy a curler of different sizes, or use an iron with different nozzles - you will get exactly what you need in 2018. And, in addition, you can make "chemistry".

Careless ringlets

In this case, the hair should be loose, light, wavy and slightly careless, as if a pleasant sea breeze blows over them. To achieve this result, you can do the following: immediately after washing your head, you need to apply a spray for styling to your hair. Then you need to scratch the hair a little at the roots to give them an easy volume. Next, wind the wide strands of hair on the forceps, but do not need to hold them too long. too dense ringlets here will be inappropriate. A little whisk your hair and put a little spray for shine.

New Year's Hairstyle - 2018: a shell and a bunch of curls

A shell or a bun of hair, laid out from voluminous curls - excellent New Year's hairdos 2018. Collect hair in the pony tail on the side or on the crown, create a volumetric bundle with the help of hairpins, the tips of the hair fluff, creating a maximum volume.

You can decorate such a hairdress with the help of weaving, elastic bands and hairpins, as well as rhinestones and other festive accessories.

New Year's haircuts - 2018: openwork braids

The braids on New Year's Eve are a powerful energy stimulus for attracting health and harmony. To be in a trend, weave braids should be free, alternating a natural shade of hair with colored strands. It will also be appropriate to combine the braid with curls.

The braids can be laid in different knot designs or wrapped around a wreath around the head. Instead of ribbons, use luxurious beads. In the coming season, the most relevant will be the "spikelets", "French bundles" and the usual "village braids".

In the style of "retro"

Fashion will still gravitate towards the retro style, namely - to the "soft waves" a-la 20's. It makes such a hairstyle very easy. You will need hairpins-invisible, as well as mousse for hair.

Apply mousse on damp curls, comb them, dividing into an oblique part. With your hands, form waves on your head, fixing each bend with the invisible. Ready hair is better to fix the varnish, and when it dries, the invisible can be removed.

New Year's Hairstyle - 2018: High Tail

Actual in 2018 will be and "ponytail" . In the year of the Rooster you should show creativity and create something unusual on your head. Add feather accessories to the tail, or simply decorate a few colored strands with the hair chalk.

Important: the hairstyle should be quite high, and accessories to it - not rough, but refined. If you are going to meet New Year with such a hairdo, then you made a good choice - this laying is functional, and by creating a hairdo, you can forget about it for the whole night - it will not let you down. Wear a bang? Trim it in the style of asymmetry, and twist the tail. Get a gentle and romantic image.

New Year's Hairstyle - 2018 for medium and short hair

If your style is a short haircut, choose an asymmetric styling. Scratch the check on the side, dividing into strands (for this purpose, the wax for styling is better). Not bad on your hair will look and disheveled curls a la grunge. Wash your head and almost dried your hair (to keep them slightly damp), apply a remedy for volume and dry the curls, twirling them with a brush "hedgehog". After that, it remains to tousle the hair with his hands, highlighting a pair of locks for the effect of negligence. Done!

New Year's Hairstyle - 2018: Accessories

Accessories can be chosen from the dark palette of your favorite shades of Firecracker: gold, orange, yellow, red, blue or bright green.

Do you want to add a new note to your image? Follow the fashion! Yes, this year she advises you to gather hair on your side, creating different hairstyles - bunches, tails or pigtails. Do not forget to add a beautiful accessory!

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