Hairstyles with rim

Among young girls are very popular hairstyles with rim, as well as elastic bands. This successful accessory also serves as a "muse" for some famous designers. So this is not only a convenient tool that can remove hair from your forehead, but also a beautiful detail that allows you to complete a vivid image.

A romantic and stylish bezel can be found in many stores, but of course, it's much more interesting to create it with your own hands. The main thing is that one third of the bezel is a wide elastic band of the color you want, well, and the remaining two thirds is the decorative part (it can be anything: a braided ribbon, a leather braid, rhinestones, beads, lace, satin or flowers). The entire bezel can consist of a rubber band with sewn beads, buttons, feathers, cockleshells or even fresh flowers.

You can also create it from strands of your own hair.

This wonderful addition to the image can be created from any material and in any style. There are many options for using this accessory: decorating an evening toilet, a thing for an office or a free time, an addition to a beach ensemble, as well as a carnival costume such as country or hippie.

It is interesting that the hair should not be washed immediately before dressing the rim, otherwise they will not hold well. To wear such an ornament is better on the second-third day after washing. Especially beautifully the rim retains curly hair, so if your hair is constantly striving to get out from under the rim, you can curl them (for example, by making the chemistry).

The ideal length for the rim is the hair to the shoulders. But also on a short hairstyle, he looks stunning. However, if your goal is fashionable "Greek" styling, it is worth remembering that it is still done on long hair, alternately filling the strands only on the sides (or on the sides and behind) under the rim.

If the hair - to the waist, of course, braid them so it will be difficult, but also possible! Just every curl you need to turn under the rim more than once, and two or three, and just in case, all this is fixed by the hairpins. But there is another option: wrap the strings only once, and stick out the ends or put it behind the knot, or tighten in a ponytail.

Especially such hairdos like girls who grow a bang - it's convenient to hide under the bezel. This option will appeal to girls just planning to get rid of bangs - after walking all day with a rim, they can appreciate how they will look without it.

Hairstyles with a rim and your style

You can choose a bezel with any decorations for yourself, and modern stores will gladly help you with this. Choose them under the color of the eyes, clothes, as well as your color.

It is important to remember: girls with a round face do not need to wear an elastic band across the forehead, so the face will look even more round. It is better to raise the rim either to the hairline, or above it.

The simplest version of the hairstyle with the rim can be called instant - combed hair, put a bezel over them, and it's ready. A more elegant and serious version of the hairstyle is made on the basis of a beam or braid - the rim is worn over them.

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