Hairstyles with shaved temples

Bright, bold and unusual images are always in the spotlight. This image can be created with the help of a hairstyle with shaved temples, which is very popular, including among movie stars, show business, etc. In particular, such celebrities as singer Rihanna, Pink, Avril Lavigne and many others can be considered legislators of the fashion for such experiments.

However, it is not always necessary to blindly follow fashion trends. Before deciding on a similar hairstyle, it is worthwhile in advance to think it over carefully, since it may simply not go to you. Shaved whiskey will effectively look at brunettes or brown-haired women with straight hair, as well as those girls who have a round or oval face. All the rest, you may have to abandon such an undertaking.

As for the length of the shaved zone, then in this hairstyle there are no strict rules and restrictions. Everyone can choose the most suitable option for himself. For example, to shave everything on the entire thin strip, and someone, on the contrary, shave himself almost half of the head. Very original look similar hairstyles in combination with an elongated bang or African pigtails.

By itself, the hairstyle with shaved temples has a somewhat bold, and even aggressive look. But especially stressed it will look with contrasting hair colors or a shaved pattern. It is often possible to meet a rather original solution with the shaved temples of the pixy. At the same time, an elongated fringe is not only a bright detail, but also a large expanse for experiments. It can be stacked differently each time, for example, in the form of a cocoon or a mohawk, combing smoothly back or on its side.

Such original women's haircuts with shaved temples can be both shocking and feminine at the same time, creating ever newer and newer images. After all, if you want, you can cover the shaved part of the head, for example, making a central part or throwing the hair the other way. In addition, asymmetric styling will allow to emphasize the beauty of the neck, visually extend it.

Hairstyles with shaved temples: fashion options

The style of such a hairstyle can be very diverse. For example, experienced stylists recommend that owners of long, luxurious hair choose the length of the shaved part at least a centimeter. For those who prefer short haircuts - the temple can be cut to zero. In addition, short models of hairstyles will most likely look with a high styling.

Hairstyles with shaved temples: your style

To make the hairstyle with shaven temples even more expressive, to emphasize the perfection of her lines one can use one of the modern techniques of hair coloring, for example, highlighting or coloring. In addition, to enhance the effect, the shaved zone can be decorated with various patterns and prints. When choosing a similar hairstyle, do not forget about the appropriate outfit and accessories, without which the finished image will look ridiculous.

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