Hairstyle "Shell"

The name of her hair was received because of the use of a roller of a special shape, slightly reminiscent of this marine object. And besides, some women of fashion call her also a French bunch - we have, but not in France. Among French women, this kind of hairstyle is usually called banane - very much it reminds them of this tropical fruit.

But in any country this hairstyle is the same. And it is interesting that the basis for it can serve as hair of any density and volume, from medium to long. But it will be better if the hair is preliminarily straightened with an iron (provided that they are twisted) - a truly elegant hairstyle "Shell" looks only on smooth hair.

If you already have experience, this hairstyle can be done very quickly. But if you decided to do it for the first time, you'll have to practice a little to "fill your hand."

So, you will need: a large comb, a small comb, as well as a comb with a long tip. And besides, prepare stilettos, foam, mousse and hair spray - with their help you fix your small masterpiece.

How to make a haircut "Shell"

1. Comb your hair well, then apply foam on them (a little), and then comb again, combing them back.

2. Collect all the hair in the tail at the back of the head. Now twist them so that all the hair is wrapped inwards.

3. Wrap the hair, moving the hand from the head to the tip of the tail, until it is all inside the beam. There will be only a small free tip - twist it with a flagellum and hide under the resulting "shell".

4. Pinch all the studs. With a small comb, straighten the hair on the "shell", and if some strand has got out, shove it inside with a comb with a thin tail. Sprinkle everything with varnish.

This version of the hairstyle is classic. But of course, nothing prevents you from approaching creating your image creatively! For example, you can change the position of the tail at the beginning of the twisting of the hair. It may not be on the back of the head, but on the top, bottom or side.

Fashionable options for hairstyle "Shell"

To diversify the "shell" can also be so:

- do not twist absolutely all the hair - leave a pair of curls near your face, curl them - you will get a very romantic "bow".

- the hair can be decorated with flowers or shiny hairpins - it will be a good image for a wedding.

- If the hair is thin, and you want to make your hair more spacious, first scratch your hair.

- for an image in the style of "kazhual" do not try to collect every small string - just twist all hair in one movement.

- Owners of long hair can leave a small tail sticking out of the tips - this will make the hairstyle more relaxed.

This hairstyle is convenient, and it will decorate you both at work and at the exit to the celebration. She will add to you femininity, making the silhouette - slimmer, and the neck - thinner and longer.

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