Hairstyle "Rose" from the hair

Romantic hairstyle of a rose will become a fashionable addition to any image and it will be appropriate in any situation, but it is especially popular with brides. Create such a rose from the hair in several ways, the simplest of them - the basis of the braid. This version of the hairstyle does not require assistance from the outside and is easily done by yourself.

First of all, it is necessary to comb carefully the shock of hair, since their confusion will not only complicate the process of creating a hairdress, but also will have a bad effect on the final appearance of the styling. Of course, ideally neat hairstyle hair from the hair for the first time probably will not work. Experience and a bit of skill is all that is required to create a beautiful rose from the hair.

After the hair is well combed, collect them in a normal tail on the back of the head. Divide it into two halves, right and left, and braid each with a classic pigtail. Braid them like ordinary braids, but in the process of weaving a little pull the strands and create an openwork weave. At the left braid, loosen the strings only on the left side, the right one - respectively, only the right strands. Screw the braids to the ends of the hair and fix them with thin rubber bands. Now you can create the very rose. The left pigtail needs to be wrapped clockwise around the base of the tail, the tip is hidden and secured with invisible ones. Then take the right pigtail and do the same thing only counter-clockwise. When laying, press it tightly to the head and fix it with studs. Fix the hair with a varnish.

Hairstyle "Rose": options

There is another way to create a rose from a braid. Embroider two classic pigtails (from the right and left temples, respectively), make them laced, releasing the strands of the braid a little. Connect both braids on the back of the head with a rubber band. The resulting tail comb and braid into one braid, making it also openwork. Lay the braid in the form of a rose, fix the petals with invisible ones.

A rose of hair can be created from a "ponytail," rather, from its thin strands. However, it is more difficult to make such a laying independently than a pigtail rose.

Make a high tail on the nape. Select one strand, grease it with a gel or wax so that it becomes flat. Gently, keeping the plane of the strand, wrap it with the base of the tail, forming the core of the bud. In this case, each turn of the lock should be fixed with a clamp and a varnish. The tip of the strand can be pinned with a hairpin. The next strands are also given a flat shape, and are twisted in the form of petals around the base (core). One petal is one strand. To prevent the petal from losing its shape, it is better to use clamps and lacquer. Only after all the strands are tucked into the flower and the rose is completely fixed with varnish, the clips can be removed. Invisibles and hairpins, especially decorative ones, will not only help to fix the hair, but will also give it special expressiveness.

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