Hairstyle "Fishtail"

This is one of the most uncomplicated hairstyles that have only been invented in the history of beauty. However, it has many "pluses", so that girls often think of it. Yes, the "Fish tail" hairstyle braids quite quickly, besides - it's not difficult, so it's not just an adult lady or a high school student who can create such a miracle, but any schoolgirl. In addition, with the help of this pigtail, you can create a lot of experiments, inventing hairstyles for different occasions. And this can be an informal atmosphere a la shopping, and a solemn or formal event.

The technique of weaving the classic "Fish tail" is quite simple. Dissolve the hair, comb it well, so that they lay a hair to the hair. They should be clean, and preferably - straight. If your head is decorated with curls, they will start to crumble during the weaving, which only hinders you. But if you can not straighten them, you can just wet your hair a little.

How to braid the "Fishtail"

So, the hair is prepared. Shave!

1. Divide them into two identical parts. Clear parting is not necessary, it will not be visible at all.

2. From one of the parts (say, left), separate a small strand. It is better to take her from the last hair. Throw this curl to the right and connect with the opposite part of the hair.

3. Now, in parallel, separate the strand from the other side (on the right), then cross it with the first strand. This, second curl, connect to the left half of the hair.

4. Repeat the second and third steps, making sure that all the strands fit snugly, without flapping. The main thing: during the entire weaving on both sides of the head you should have the same amount of hair. It is very convenient during the weaving to keep these halves of hair in different hands. All the strands that you separate should be the same size - so the pigtail will look much neater.

5. When the braid is ready, fasten it.

Hairstyle Fishtail: fashion options

"Fish tail" can be braided also on the contrary, such a hairstyle will be much more unusual. To do this, the string, separated in step 2, is moved not from above, but under the main part of the hair. That is, this curl will pass under the big string, whence it is taken, and only after that to join the opposite part of hair.

The longer your hair, the more comfortable it is for them to make such a hairstyle. If you wear a short haircut, so that the "Fishtail" does not fall apart on them, tie all of his strings with varnish or gel, and also with a lot of hairpins. But if you have "quads", why try to make one "tail"? It is better to braid a large number of small plaits for the whole or only for a part of the hair.

Have you done this hair style more than once, and want to revive it a little? You can do this:

1. Loosen the prick. To do this, you need to pull out some curls from the common spit. So you bring a note of cute negligence to your hair. By the way, to create a similar effect, you can braid "Fishtail" on disheveled, not entirely combed hair. Get a great "bow" for meeting with friends or another informal event.

2. Decorate the pigtail with ornaments. For example, weave in it special beads, rings on the hair, artificial strands or rhinestones. Such "beauty-things" can be worn on curls during weaving. Very bright will look contrasting tapes or the same overhead curls. Well, or you can make it a little easier - decorate the already prepared braid with rhinestones, feathers or flowers.

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