Hairstyle "Setochka" of hair

Setochka (or, as it is also called chain mail) is a well-established trend of modern hairdressing in the style of unisex. As a rule, her make-up artists offer even young men with long hair, girls and even small schoolgirls, as she allows to keep her head in an ideally thought-out order.

And one more nuance - hairstyle mesh perfect for young ladies with thin hair, visually giving them much needed density and volume.

The only "minus" of the grid - the difficulty in the performance, but if you follow the instructions below and experiment a little at home, then the next holiday will be able to flash an original and spectacular hairstyle. So, let's get started ...

1. On the left or right side of the head, you need to separate a pair of locks. This can be done by running a comb along the hair growth line.

2. You should also separate a few stitches behind your ear - they will form the next rows of the grid.

3. From the remaining hair again, you need to separate a pair of braces and twist them so that each returns to its original position.

4. The lower strands should be secured with hairpins on one side of the head.

5. The third row is created from a loose strand left behind the ear, and an extreme strand in the second row. The following rows are curled in the same way, however, one should not forget to fasten the locks with hairpins.

6. When the head is covered with such a grid, the hairdo is considered complete, but in principle, the rest of the hair can be removed into the tail or pigtail, dissolve them, make a "bagel."

Beautiful, feminine and practical - the ideal solution for schoolgirls and students, is not it?

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