Hairstyle Shishka: how to make

This simple and uncomplicated hairstyle is convenient for its versatility. She will equally be welcome in a restaurant or office, at a business meeting or wedding ceremony. In addition, the haircut cone fits any ladies, both in age and very young girls.

It is possible to make such packing both on the basis of smoothly combed locks, and more difficult - say, with weaving braids. For example, if you skip a small braid to the bump on the head, your image will be less strict and more romantic.

What are the nicest options for laying cones?

A cone of spit

For example, a cone from a braid braided on the vertex.

It is done this way:

- combed hair should be collected in the tail just above the nape (important: not on the vertex);

- make a simple braid, the tip of it to collect an elastic band;

- Prjadki in a pigtail it is necessary to tighten to add weaving of volume;

- Lift the scythe above the base and secure it with the help of pins;

- the tip of the hair hides under the hair (below the base of the pigtail).

This version of the cone looks very elegant, even if you do not decorate it with any shiny accessories. Well, and with a decent "decoration" (beads, flowers ...) you will get a styling for the most solemn moments.

A very gentle image can be created by decorating the cone instead of the ribbon with a pigtail. Such a small detail - but what an effect!

Hairstyle Cones from harnesses

Another unbeatable option is a lump of harness:

- collect on the top of the small rubber band tail,

- take hair at the base, wind it on an elastic band, curling the braid,

- the ends of the hair are hidden under the bump (so that they do not creep out, fasten with the studs),

- smooth out the protruding hairs with a small scallop.

Hairstyle Shishka: fashion experiments

Young girls will like the option with a cone, located on the side, or two cones. In addition, they can be made more interesting if the basis of the cone is not one, but three or four pigtails, in which the colorful ribbons will be intertwined.

If your task - to soften the strict image, your option - curls and pigtails. If you want to "boo", decorate your hair with flowers. Well, the rhinestones and stones will give you an evening glow.

Do you have a hairstyle for a walk? Ruffle your hair, put a couple of pryas to your temples (most importantly, do not overdo it) - get a bold, creative hairstyle.

Hairstyle Shishka with a roller

If you are worried that your hair is short or thin, and the cone will not look as beautiful as the photo in magazines, buy a special roller. Fix the hair with an elastic band, on top of it, place this voluminous foam rubber helper - the larger the hair, the more "caliber" it should be. Along its circumference, distribute the hair, which will hide our eyes from our prying eyes. By the way, it can be built with your own hand from a slice of foam rubber of light or dark shade (depending on your hair). The main thing is to disguise it with strands. Read more: How to make a hairstyle A cone with a roller.

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