Hairstyles with roller

For several seasons in a row, the most striking trend in the world of hairdressing art is hairstyles with a roller. However, there is nothing surprising or accidental in this - such styling has a huge number of advantages.

Firstly, it is an amazing versatility that makes hairstyles with a roller ideal for both solemn occasions and everyday life. Secondly, creating a simply mind-boggling effect, they perfectly mask all the shortcomings of the hair (thin hair, split ends, lack of puffiness or volume).

Choose a hairstyle for a hairstyle

In shops where hairdresser's accessories are sold, you can buy a variety of shape and size hair rollers, designed to create different hairstyles. The most convenient are long rollers, used both in a straight line and in a folded form (specifically for this at the ends of the roller is a fixing button or rubber band). Incidentally, if the finished roller at the right time in the store does not prove to be, it can be made from any materials that are at hand (for example, from a conventional terry toe).

Classic hairstyle "Roller"

The simplest version of a hairstyle with a roller is a "ballet ball". To do it, you need to comb your hair thoroughly, collect it in the tail and fasten it with an elastic band (it is advisable to select a fixator for the hair color), put a roller, wrapped in a circle, on its base. Then the strands from the tail are combed, wrapped around the platen, and their tips are hidden down. To make a hairstyle more stylish and memorable you can use a wide ribbon or a scarf wrapped around the beam and tied at the ends with a bow, a special net with a decorative rubber band or a hairpin fixed at the base of the beam. The size of the resulting beam will directly depend on the size of the roller and the amount of hair, so to make a hair style in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, you need to use the largest "substrate".

Hairstyle "Roller" with curls

A highly trendy variant of a hairstyle with a roller, which can be done both on a holiday and every day, is laying, where the "substrate" is not masked by a bundle, but covered with loose hair. It is also quite simple to perform it - the hair is combed, and from them a wide strand separates, located closer to the bangs. The roller is fastened to the back of the head to the rest of the hair and is fixed with invisible or stiletto fingers, and then covered with a left strand. The ends of the hair can be twisted, stretched "ironing" or processed with a corrugated ploy, braided into a 3 or 4 strand braid, collected in the tail (in general, choose the option that best suits the created image).

Hairstyle "Roller": fashion options

The roller is just an ideal basis for the "babette" hairstyle, which increases the number of possible variations in its styling, and is also perfectly suited for creating a strict "shred", a hairstyle suitable for employees of offices with a strict dress code. This element is often used by stylists to create wedding and evening gorgeously elegant, delicate and elegant hairstyles.

Shell with roller

Thanks to the roller, even on medium length hair, you can make a "twist" haircut (we call it "shell") - a styling that is relevant in all situations and at all times, which allows you to emphasize the gracefulness of the neck line and the face oval, emphasize beautiful ornaments or an unusual cut of the top of the outfit. To make a hairstyle "twist" is very simple: the hair is combed on one side and fixed on the center of the head by invisibility, forming a zigzag line. Then the strands are neatly wrapped on a long, vertically placed roller to the central conditional line. When the shell is ready, it should be fixed with hairpins and sprinkled with varnish (for solemn occasions it is possible to use hairpins decorated with "pearls", wooden or plastic beads, small colors of fabric).

Yes, fashion is a real windswoman, a capricious and changeable young lady, but experienced hairdressers know her main feature well: there are hairstyles that after several decades may seem ridiculous, and classics that are relevant and relevant always, of which hairstyles are a part.

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