Hairstyle "Wreath"

No matter how beautiful your life is, gray, constantly recurring days can eventually spoil it. But sometimes even a small but bright detail can lift the mood. For example, the haircut "Wreath" - it is easy to pack, does not take much and will not make you sit near the mirror the beaten hour of time (which is especially important if you are in a hurry to work or work). Such an image will make you brighter and more interesting.

Hairstyle "Wreath" from harnesses

The basis for the hairdress "Wreath" can serve as a tourniquet, and weaving braids.

In order to create this beauty from the harnesses, you need to comb your hair, and then separate the hair near your ear. Twist it with a tourniquet, and now lay it in the direction of the nape, securely fixing the studs. Now separate one more lock, it too twist and kill. And when all the hair is stuck, the tip of the last harness is hidden under the first one. And do not forget about the studs!

Hairstyle "Wreath" with weaving

A wreath from a pigtail to do a little bit more difficult. But at first, do you know how to braid a braid? If so, then let's try to create a "Wreath" from it. So!

Method one (the hair is not made of all the hair):

1. Separate some of them from ear to ear, and collect the rest in a tail.

2. Weave the braid from one ear to the other, taking the strands from the side of the forehead, from the braid forming the wreath.

3. Dissolve the tail, curl loose hair with curls.

Method two:

1. At the temple, separate the string, divide it in two.

2. The lower part of the string wrap around the top (it lies on the top, and then wraps around it from top to bottom).

3. Join both parts of the string together.

4. From the free hair from below, another string, wrap it around the first (as we did in the second step).

5. Continue to also braid the rest of the hair, disconnecting each new strand from below and wrapping it around the top, and then connecting these strands.

6. The last strand that ends the "Wreath", clamp it with a beautiful barrette, invisible, or simply hide under the base of the very first strand.

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